Instant Party

With "Instant Party" you've got your own table, PLUS DRINKS - Tonight! Is this for real? Yup - it's kind of like having your own corner booth that's always waiting for you. With one quick click you can book a table for you and your friends AND get a round of beer/shots AND a cool Candy Store care package for your party. Remember - we only take same day reservations for instant party.

What You Need:

A minimum of 5 people and $40

What You Get:

10 half-pints of the Champagne Of Beers, 10 Bulleit Rye shots and a surprise Pete's Goodie Bag ;)

Notes and Conditions:

You must be on time (we will hold reservations for 10 minutes past reserved time), reservations are cut off at midnight SUN thru THU - and 2am on FRI/SAT, no indoor reservations on Wednesdays before 10pm, and sorry but no refunds.


When you book your instant party, you will be directed to our Square Cash payment processor. Please enter your RESERVATION TIME and approx. number of people. Eg. "Instant Party. 9:30. 8 people."