Tuesdays 9 Rob Teter
Wednesdays 10 Margot MacDonald
NPR Music's Tiny Desk Concerts, Voice of America and TEDx; songwriter, vocalist and live looper, Margot MacDonald embodies a one-woman band. A long time guitarist and pianist, her instrumentation has expanded to include unconventional vocal accompaniments created live thru the use of a loop pedal. Haunting, powerful and indie-pop driven, Margot's performances make you forget the technology she hones, as you lose yourself in layers of lush vocals and striking melodies.
THU 1/1
8:30 Emma Barash
9:30 Odell
Original acoustic Americana brought to you by sixteen strings, three voices, and four New York souls.
  10:30 Golden Birds
FRI 1/2
8 Olivia Mancini
Olivia's music is an upbeat folk-rock/jangle pop hybrid. “Patsy Cline meets Tom Petty sounds flip, but it’s accurate when it comes to this DC-based singer-songwriter.” - NBC New York
  9 Sara Curtain
SARA CURTIN is an electric singer-songwriter from Washington, D.C. with a taste for confessional lyrics and velvety vocals. She is a 2014 & 2015 Artist Fellow (DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities) and has won 4 Washington Area Music Awards with her duo The Sweater Set. "One of DC's finest" - Brightest Young Things.
  10 Chris Q. Murphy
Excited that time travel and reproductive technology had advanced to the point where they could combine their proverbial and literal juices and create a SuperSingerSongwriter, Elvis Costello, Loudon Wainwright III, Harry Chapin, and Hank Williams had a little baby boy and named him Chris Q. Murphy. That child continues to slag and toil his way through this modern world just trying to make his daddies proud.
  11 Mark Kraus
SAT 1/3
4 Skronklife
an experiment to try and bridge the gap between Joe Walsh and Arto Lindsay
  5 Jane Herships
"Spider is Jane Herships' folk project. Her tunes have the quality you look for in music if you've been under the spell of artists like Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley and Cowboy Junkies. Intense, poignant, delicate and somewhat dreamy" - Deli Magazine
6 Vic Thrill
8:30 Brian Fitzsousa
9:30 Sun Thief
10:30 Night
SUN 1/4
4 Barstool Tabernacle
  5 Mendel
Wilson McCray & Pulpo Productions INVITE YOU! Please join us for our Fund Raiser Benefit Screening, Sunday evening 5 pm, January 4th, 2015 at Pete's Candy Store in Williamsburg, Bklyn. We are beginning our search (pilgrimage) for support to produce Mendel, the second silent era film of the Pulpo Trilogy. On the 4th, we will screen; Two early shorts by Wilson and Alfred; SNAP, and the pastiche, FRANKY SOPRANO, A short promotional video for Mendel And the first in the Pulpo Trilogy; Pulpo, A Motion Picture
  6 Open Mic
  9 Rosa Tu
  9:45 George Gordon (Comedian/Storyteller)
  10 Sheila Sobolewski
  10:45 Lindsay Hoffman (storyteller)
  11 Kris Liakos
  11:30 Brett Saxon
MON 1/5
8:30 Madaleane Gauze
With the release of her first EP, American War (2014), Madaleane Gauze has quickly made her psychedelic mark on the Philadelphia music scene. Defying all genre, the 4 track American War is a heart pounding drive through tall grasses with hazy skies overhead, and no destination. The ethereal tremors in her soft vocals partner with alternating fast and wavy guitar lines, only to find yourself stomping your feet with eyes closed. The ep features backing musicians Pat Berkery and Dave Hartley of The War On Drugs, and Dean Sabatino and Dandrew Stevens of The Dead Milkmen.
  9:30 Mary-Elaine Jenkins
Mary-Elaine Jenkins is an NYC-based blueswoman. A South Carolina native and lifelong musician, she began performing live when she moved to Washington, DC for college. She came to New York by way of Madrid, where she spent two years teaching English, roaming around, and playing tons of gigs. Her sound is an ever-evolving mix of blues, Americana roots, soul, and rock ‘n roll, specializing in the spooky/sultry. This ain’t your mama’s singer/songwriter music.
  10:30 Ben Schneid
TUE 1/6
8 John Norman
John was born in south-east Michigan, and spent a good part of his childhood singing and listening to country and bluegrass. He worked as an actor for a few years, and moved to New York City at age 25, settling in Brooklyn, where he began working with Theatre Group Dzieci, eventually serving as the group's Music Director. With Dzieci (pronounced "JEH-chee", the Polish word for "children") John has performed throughout the US and Europe, creating original work based on ancient sacred music and Northern European folk music while performing works of service in hospitals, psychiatric facilities, and other under-served populations. His new EP of original music, The Difference, was released in 2014, returning him to the American roots style of his childhood.
  9 Twisted Pine
Twisted Pine is a saaaWeet 5-piece bluegrass band out of Boston. Raucous, down-home, big-sound picking and singing. The 2014 wInners of Thomas Point Bluegrass Special and Fresh Grass band competitions.
10 Rob Teter
  11 Dylan Viola
WED 1/7
7:30 Quizz-Off
  10 Margot MacDonald
NPR Music's Tiny Desk Concerts, Voice of America and TEDx; songwriter, vocalist and live looper, Margot MacDonald embodies a one-woman band. A long time guitarist and pianist, her instrumentation has expanded to include unconventional vocal accompaniments created live thru the use of a loop pedal. Haunting, powerful and indie-pop driven, Margot's performances make you forget the technology she hones, as you lose yourself in layers of lush vocals and striking melodies.
  11 David Ellis
David Ellis rose from the decaying dreams of London's spleen. Led by the mythical stories of ancient English folklore, he sought clarity within humanity's malspirited culture. Ellis challenges the prevailing perspective towards the complexities of love and spirituality. Dressed in ambient melodies, Ellis's words are tailored to mirror the honesty that hides in all of life's conflicts and bids wholly in the sphere of romance. His quest for understanding resonates deep in the hearts of many. He currently resides in New York City.
THU 1/8
8 Adam Moss
Since age 7 Adam has been been incorporating strings into his life. Although concentrating completely on classical music for the first 22 years of his life, culminating in a BA in Viola Performance from the University of Illinois, he found inspiration and a true artistic voice once he began to explore and incorporate the world of improvisation into his music. After 6 years of touring with various projects, including the 3 Redneck Tenors, Anais Mitchell’s Hadestown, Session Americana, Ana Egge and Austin’s Green Mountain Grass, as well as having lived in Austin, TX, Boston, and New York, he is quickly becoming one of the more unique, and enthusiastic fiddle players in the country. Adam has shared stages with Carol Lawrence, Ani Difranco, Sean Hayes, Alan Munde, Peter Rowan, just to name a few…
9 Nina Yasimeh
Nina Yasmineh makes bittersweet singer-songwriter synth pop through an intriguing combination of catchy melodies, ethereal yet soulful vocals, and darker confessional lyrics.
10 The Woodshed
The Woodshed was built on top of a Native American burial ground. We are also a Alt-Country, Indie-Folk, Americanarama Rock band out of Brooklyn. We are also the backing band for our Derdy Nerdz Records label mates Anna/Kate. We love you!
  11 Ward White
Featured in New York Magazine, MAGNET, CMJ, Fingertips, KCRW, and others, Ward White Is The Matador is a sprawling, near double-album length foray into genre-hopping art rock. Co-produced by White, and psych-pop auteurs Bryan Scary & Graham Norwood (Bryan Scary & The Shredding Tears, Evil Arrows, The Dough Rollers), Ward White Is The Matador's 14 songs run the gamut from Scott Walker-esque noir croon, to glam, to orchestral pop, closing with a 21-minute, Grand-Guignol fever dream of a track that defies easy description.
FRI 1/9
8 The Aquatic Safety
Lo-Fi, bedroom pop duo.
9 Ethan Lipton Orchestra
10 Howard Fishman
  11 The Woes
SAT 1/10
4 Dana Lyn and Kyle Sanna
Two Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist-composers share a 'through the looking glass' approach to traditional Iris h music.
  5 Matt Kanelos
Songs, sounds, improvisation. Settled and unsettled.
  6 Vic Thrill
  7 Carrie Ferguson and Chris Scanlon
Wester Mass rock/pop/folk singer-songwriters team up for a duo tour. Feruson is fresh off her release of "The List of Whales" which is "notable for its charm, wit and elevating melodies" (Northcoast Journal). Scanlon, a New Jersey transplant, "has long since established himself as one of th Pioneer Velley's great homegrown talents" (Valley Advocate"
8 Holler
Appalachian/Americana Holler is a driving group that takes a trip up North and Down South, with songs about home, struggle, love, and spirt. Mixing traditional songs and original tunes.
  9 Adam Bellard
  10 Superfecta
Superfecta, a quartet from the greater NYC area, wants everyone to know that what brings them together isn’t just the energy they feel when they perform. The glue that keeps them bound to each other is their love of rock and roll. Superfecta is influenced by musicians like Woody Guthrie, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, John Coltrane, Lou Reed as well as groups such as The Beatles, and The Clash. Superfecta brings their message of authenticity whether given minutes or hours.
  11 Bowery Boy Blue
"Sometimes you hear music that is so heartbreakingly beautiful that you can't help being drawn to it. That is definitely the case with NYC's Bowery Boy Blue. Their debut CD, Stalk That Myth, plays like a lo-fi Americana orchestra. Touching vocals delivered in a way that you can't get out of your head, layered instrumentation... it's all there. Take a listen to "Come Closer, Sisters" and hear for yourself." --IA: Instrumental Analysis
SUN 1/11
4 Barstool Tabernacle
  5 Open Mic
  9 Weisshund
Rock duo (guitar/vox and drums/bass pedals) with a strong Hendrix/Bonham influence and a focus on riffs and melody.
  10 Blythe Sword
  11 Will Hanza
MON 1/12
8 Mar Salá
Marta Hernández (aka Mar Salá) mixes Latin sounds such as Rumba Flamenca, Brazilian rhythms and Spanish Pop, with Swing and Rock. Marta's original compositions are a cross over between the Flamenco air of Seville and the eclectic sounds of New York City.
  9 Milton's Back Room B-Side Party
Milton and an all-star band play songs by Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton
  10 Maddy Ruff
Maddy Ruff's old school bluesy vocals blended with modern writing create a truly unique sound. This cancer survivor and amputee is a musical powerhouse of composure and positivity.
  11 Raquel Bell & Ray Rizzo (of Mesiko)
Raquel Bell and Ray Rizzo of Mesiko (www.mesiko.com) present their sweet harmonies and future-folk music in this rare duo show. Their band Mesiko has played all over Brooklyn and Manhattan and such places as The Lebowski Fest in Louisville, KY, The Mohawk in Austin, TX, and Montreal's Jazz Fest. Mesiko has played on bills with with The Inner Banks, Jolie Holland, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Corporal (Michael Shannon/Ray Rizzo), The Defibulators, Alana Amram, Mucca Pazza, Dawn Landes, Shy Hunters, Trixie Whitley and Catherine Irwin. They released their first full length record, Solar Door, in November 2014.
TUE 1/13
8 Jo Kroger
Modern indie folk wrapped around earthy and sweet vocals makes a set with Jo Kroger a delicious, homemade mix of storytelling and catchy hooks.
  9 Dalton Deschain
Welcome to the Traveling Show, where ringleader Dalton Deschain will regale you with tales of love and loss in a world of circus freaks, rats, and nuclear warfare.
  10 Rob Teter
  11 Ian Wayne
Ian Wayne plays guitar and piano, normally in his apartment. He is sick and tired of that. He loves to listen to Joni Mitchell, Arthur Russell, Michael Hurley, Roy Orbison and Luke Temple.
WED 1/14
7:30 Quizz-Off
10 Margot MacDonald
NPR Music's Tiny Desk Concerts, Voice of America and TEDx; songwriter, vocalist and live looper, Margot MacDonald embodies a one-woman band. A long time guitarist and pianist, her instrumentation has expanded to include unconventional vocal accompaniments created live thru the use of a loop pedal. Haunting, powerful and indie-pop driven, Margot's performances make you forget the technology she hones, as you lose yourself in layers of lush vocals and striking melodies.
  11 Orca Age
Orca Age creates guitar-driven music that oscillates between a quiet melodic sincerity and blistering freneticism. The result is a kind of idiosyncratic rock majesty. The songs are intricate yet accessible; disarming, anthemic, and wild...
THU 1/15
8 Lizzy Cuesta
9 Thirdstory
THIRDSTORY combines the talents of Richard Saunders, Ben Lusher, and Elliott Skinner. Influenced by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young as much as Amy Winehouse, this trio has been delivering consistently stunning performances at NYC venues such as the Cutting Room and Rockwood Music Hall. Their eclectic sound is both relatable yet not simply defined: their live shows mix harmonious reimaginations of songs by the likes of Jimmy Cliff and Sam Smith with delicately crafted, soul-tinged originals. As the trio trades verses, instruments, and harmonies, it's easy to see that THIRDSTORY is much more than a vocal group - it's a collective of three of the most distinctive voices in NYC soul music today.
10 Pete Lanctot
11 False Lights
False Lights plays rock firmly rooted in sounds of the late seventies.
FRI 1/16
8 Matthew Teardrop
  9 Bay Uno
Bay Uno is a whimsical journey. Gentle, swooning, and sometimes wild. Bodies of water surround the original love songs. Debut LP "Catalina" comes out march 9th.
10 Eliot Pride
11 Fake Chatter
dream doom all-stars
SAT 1/17
4 Kyle Sanna
5 Vic Thrill
  6 Eddie Barbash, Jeff Picker, and Hannah Read
Old-time/folk/bluegrass trio with fiddle, guitar, and saxophone!
  7 Lindsay Kupser
Lindsay Kupser is a Canadian singer-songwriter currently based in Boston. Her music can be described as a mixture between folk, singer-songwriter, and contemporary jazz, and some of her biggest influences include Joni Mitchell, Sufjan Stevens, and John Mayer. She strives to write emotional and honest music, and in May of 2014 she released her debut EP "The Boston EP" which is available on iTunes and Bandcamp.
8 Tall County
Tall County is a Hudson Valley-based trio writing and playing stripped-down songs on strung-up instruments. Its members share a fondness for old songs from forgotten corners of the country, sparse arrangements and speedy fiddle breaks. The band, which formed in Greenpoint in 2012, released its EP, Shine, in 2013 and is working on a full-length album now.
9 Breakneck Boys
The Breakneck Boys are a mountain soul-grass band with roots in the Hudson Valley and NYC. Their original music brings together the kinetic heart of the City and the laid back chill of the Catskills with a sound inspired by old school Motown vinyl, Lomax field recordings, and all night camp-fire jam sessions.
  10 The Jaguar Club
Since forming in Brooklyn in 2005, The Jaguar Club have released 3 records of rock music informed by Britpop, New Wave, and 80's College Rock. After several years' hiatus they have recently returned to touring with an expanded lineup. A new EP entitled 'Close' is due March 3rd. Tonight they will highlight the gentler side of their sound, reinventing favorites and playing assorted rarities (including some never before performed) arranged for acoustic guitars, casios, and harmonies.
  11 Bali Hai
1950s music through a 60s lens with a 70s backbeat mixed with 90s style and 00s class. Nothing 80s.
SUN 1/18
4 Barstool Tabernacle
  5 Open Mic
9 the Tacit Turn
Alternative classical & jazz infused piano-driven pop, with Rachel Zylstra on vocals/keys, Alex Paul on drums/vocals; Russ Wedelich on bass/effects.
  10 Land of Leland
The music of Justin Keller made lovely by his bandmates. Crafted with honesty and a myriad of influences, it features memorable melodies, lush harmonies, and surprising textures.
  11 Icky and AT
MON 1/19 8 Colee James
Colee James is an Indie Folk Singer/Songwriter making music locally in Brooklyn, NY. Her musical influences come from modern day Indie Rock singers like Feist, and Old Classic Country legends like Hank Williams and Loretta Lynn.
  9 Erin Durant
  10 Wildlife Freeway
  11 Matana Roberts
TUE 1/20 8 Summer Fiction- solo performance
  9 Brian Bond + Communipaw
Formerly straightforward songs subjected to meanderings and hopefully psychedelic spatializations. Voice, electric guitar, pedal steel, bass, and acoustic/electronic percussion.
10 Rob Teter
11 Carl Banks
Carl Banks is a melodic nomad, often picking up lyrical ideas from adventures found after scratching the rambling itch. With an open-minded ear for good storytelling and without bias for genre, Carl pools his influences from a wide variety of artists. A musical raggedy man of sorts, he is most comfortable with guitar in hand and blues harp in the rack playing for 1 to 1000.
WED 1/21
7:30 Quizz-Off
10 Margot MacDonald
NPR Music's Tiny Desk Concerts, Voice of America and TEDx; songwriter, vocalist and live looper, Margot MacDonald embodies a one-woman band. A long time guitarist and pianist, her instrumentation has expanded to include unconventional vocal accompaniments created live thru the use of a loop pedal. Haunting, powerful and indie-pop driven, Margot's performances make you forget the technology she hones, as you lose yourself in layers of lush vocals and striking melodies.
  11 Ben Schneid
THU 1/22
8 David Moss
9 John Cathal O'Brien
John Cathal O'Brian is a folk singer/songwriter. Born in Dublin, Ireland and currently residing in New York, he has released 4 solo albums and also played with Bay area Irish traditional band "Rogues". His work is dark, emotive, and lyrically driven.
10 Trio Du Monde
Brooklyn girl Dahlia Dumont, with a past in Senegal and France, brings her Francophone influences to her music, performing original reggae, ska and tango jams in French and in English, as well as some old-time French and American swing and "chanson" standards. Singing and playing ukulele, Dahlia is accompanied by George Saenz from South Texas on button accordion and trombone, and Yoshiki Yamada from Japan on upright bass. Collectively they are called the Trio du Monde, or the Trio of the World.
11 Caitlin Watkins
FRI 1/23 7 Alec Betterly
Alec Betterley is a member of NYC-based outfits My Friend Other and Toys and Tiny Instruments who branched out into solo work with his 2012 LP “Where You Were Young.” His music finds a home somewhere between the magical, dreamy nature of lullabies and Shel Silverstein, the unique chord changes of Paul Simon and the solitude and vocal styles of Elliott Smith.
  7:35 Half-Breed
Half-Breed is the new project from long time New York City sideman David Dawda, which sees him increasing his number of strings from 4 to 6. Drawing influence from a wide breadth of musical endeavors, Half-Breed is difficult to define, but easy to like. Expect songs of love and hate, life and death, and a musical taste that will leave you wanting more.
  8:10 David Farrell Melton
With a sound he describes as "pop, blues, and church infused," Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter David Farrell Melton's music is as diverse as the NYC subway. Drawing inspiration from Debussy to Dylan, Melton's melodies reflect the melting pot that is his home borough. Hop a train and hear for yourself!
  9 Buffalo Stack
With slide blues guitar, gospel organ chords, New Orleans-style horns, and group harmonies, bluesy roots-rockers Buffalo Stack can’t help but recall Woodstock heroes the Band. In fact, it was at Levon Helm’s barn in Woodstock that husband-and-wife Andy and Tania Stack of Hudson – at the time performing as a duo called the Stacks - met bassist Brandon Morrison, drummer Lee Falco, and guitarist Connor Kennedy, the other musicians who would soon join them to become Buffalo Stack, who at their hardest hitting and blues-rockingest recall Black Keys or White Stripes.
  10 Pleasure Island
Pop + Disco + Bossanova = Loungecore
  11 David Ellis Group
SAT 1/24
4 Scott Barkan
NY based guitarist and songwriter Scott Barkan brings a modern sensibility to the breadth of American music traditions, coupling honest, literate songwriting with deft guitar work and adventurous improvisation. The Hudson Valley Almanac Weekly calls him "a masterful guitarist - really, a total whiz of rare order."
5 Karlie Bruce and Chris Parrello
  6 Ilusha Tsinadze
Ilusha Tsinadze is NYC-based/Georgian-born guitarist and singer. His music reflects both his roots in the Republic of Georgia and his branches and leaves here in Brooklyn.
  7 Tessa Jones
8 David Kronenberg with Jason Bazilian and friends
A singer, songwriter and acoustic guitar player from Forest Hills, NY. David is back at Pete’s with his long time friend; drummer and percussionist Jason Bazilian. The band will be performing original songs, old and new; simple and soulful, in preparation for recording David's first record as a solo artist. "He delivers his sound and music in an authentic and genuine way that’s rare in the music industry today. The man truly knows how to put the music in his body and it’s so clear he sings from the heart. Folk music is lucky to have such a natural artist to the genre." - Close Encounters http://closeencountersbk.tumblr.com/
9 Youth Signals
Dark and Dreamy Psych-Rock screamed through a forest.
  10 Tatters and Rags
Hard drinkin' and hell raisin' electric honky-tonk to make the rafters shake. "If you take your indie honky-tonk with a dollop of droney postpunk (and really, who doesn't?), then head [out] tonight for eclectic local outfit Tatters & Rags." -- TIME OUT NEW YORK
  11 Hunter and Wolfe
hunter & wolfe are a brooklyn-based folk-rock duo who employ a wide array of instruments and textures to produce a "refreshingly unfiltered sound (emptylighthouse.com)" and an "Elliott Smith/Jeff Buckley naturalism (obscuresound.com)." Their newly released album, Days and Works, can be found on on spotify, itunes, or hunterandwolfe.bandcamp.com
SUN 1/25
  5 Open Mic
9 Driftwood Soldier
Driftwood Soldier isn’t your average mandolin-bass junk percussion gutter-folk duo. Bitter ballads, tender polemics and fallen gospel, good for drinking, laughing, stomping and lamenting.
  10 Miles Jacob
  11 Ludlow Ejacula
Ludlow ejacula plays music to cry too. Ludlow ejacula writes music about feelings. Ludlow ejaculate writes lyrics about sexual confusion, neurological conditions, and many other areas of interest. I guess these are all feelings... Isn't everything a feeling? What is perception? Ludlow ejacula does not always know what they are expressing, or what it is they are feeling, but they do know how to hard boil an egg.
MON 1/26 8 Miles Calder
Earthy, heartfelt folk songwriter from New Zealand, whose writing and performance lie somewhere between Ryan Adams and Neil Young.
  9 Brett Williams
  10 Mary Westlake
  11 Bliss Blood and Al Street
TUE 1/27 8 Sleep Ghost
Sleep Ghost is the duo of bassist Jesske Hume and vocalist Areni Agbabian. Together they improvise songs and ambient soundscapes.
  9 Home For Wayward Drummers
Dave Hollier, frontman and songwriter for the Brooklyn band Home for Wayward Drummers, will be doing a solo set It's a good bye show of sorts. After a couple decades in Williamsburg Dave is heading off to California. Come say goodbye.
10 Rob Teter
11 Aaron Gilmartin
WED 1/28
7:30 Quizz-Off
10 Margot MacDonald
NPR Music's Tiny Desk Concerts, Voice of America and TEDx; songwriter, vocalist and live looper, Margot MacDonald embodies a one-woman band. A long time guitarist and pianist, her instrumentation has expanded to include unconventional vocal accompaniments created live thru the use of a loop pedal. Haunting, powerful and indie-pop driven, Margot's performances make you forget the technology she hones, as you lose yourself in layers of lush vocals and striking melodies.
  11 Pooch
Pooch is a band hailing from the city of Saratoga Springs, NY. Having Honed their punk, cosmic, pop, electronic sound within the house party scene of Skidmore College, they took to the city. Now they enjoy making prolonged eye contact with strangers on the subway, playing music whenever possible, and not wearing pants.
THU 1/29
7:30 Pete's Reading Series
9 Jonus Preston
"New York-based singer-songwriter Jonus Preston combines the stark fragility of Jeff Buckley with the anthemic qualities of Coldplay on a song (Heaven Hell) that utterly captures the disorienting rush of falling in love." - Something Else!
10 Bredahl
Experimental pop-folk-electro-rock; melody driven lullabies for delaying the inevitable.
  11 TBA
FRI 1/30 7 Pete's Multifarious Array
  9 The Leeway
  10 Jacob Mondry
  11 Chamber Band
With unchecked charisma and a near-mythical dedication to pouring every last ounce of themselves into their performances, Brooklyn mainstays Chamber Band have ascended to indie rock notoriety in a scene already notorious for being pretty far out there. Gorgeous guy-girl harmonies ascend over spirited beats and bass, then descend into agonized groans for love won and lost, all with enough magical underpinnings and references to geek arcana that you'll be knowingly nudging your dance partner between tunes. The perfect scene for music nerds (and nerd nerds) who, above all, just want to dance.
SAT 1/31
4 The Trouveres
A chamber pop trio blending electric bass (Max Zeugner, bassist for the New York Philharmonic), renaissance viol (early music specialist Doug Balliett) and ethereal vocals (Charlotte Mundy, “mesmerizing,” - the NYTimes), in covers of familiar, ancient and original tunes.
5 Solo MazzMuse: Violin/Vox/Freestyle Composition
Having just released her band's CD this December (MazzMuse: The Band), Mazz Swift gets back to the MazzMuse basics with the project that began it all. In her music, Mazz employs a technique called live looping to create songs and compositions in the spur of the moment. Listen here: https://mazzmuse.bandcamp.com/track/molten-solo-version

www.mazzmuse.com for more information
  6 Jeff Picker and Abby Hollander Duo
Abby Hollander Band members debut new material in an intimate folky style.
8 Seafarer's Unite
Seafarers Unite is a collection of amateur and professional musicians based in NYC, but hailing from far and wide. They perform a brand of modern folk, weaving tales of city life old and new, and with nautical themes a-plenty. In another life, all would surely have been captains, boatswains or longshoremen.
9 Lady Moon and The Eclipse
Lady Moon & The Eclipse is a soul band based in Brooklyn NY. Ngonda Badila as Lead Singer and Songwriter. Arlen Hart on Keyboard. Jonathan Camuzo on Bass. Ken Reichl on The Drums. Aatifa Drayton, Ntangou Badila, and Nkoula Badila on Back up Vocals.
10 Rivky, With Brian Sanders On Cello
Rivky’s musical career took off last year, joining Cellist, Brian Sanders, with the writing and recording of their first Album-EP, Angel Sings the Blues. Raised in Brooklyn, New York, Rivky's music combines unique beat structure, a Jazzy-folksy, blues style, and the influence of her Hassidic culture upbringing. Rivky's work has been compared to the 1950's Jacques Brel, Laura Nyro, Billy Joel, Freddy Mercury and Sara McLachlan.
11 The Met
The Met is a three piece rock n' roll band from Brooklyn, New York. Dejected descendants of Neil Young and Crazy Horse, incongruent cousins of TheVelvet Underground, we play a brand of music that is seldom heard in the night clubs or on the airwaves. It's like a conversation, jazz with a backbeat, a trip through the ancestral picture gallery of your dreams. We don't really know of a scene that we'd like to be a part of, or what clothes we'd like to wear. We're too distracted by one manic obsession. Even today, after all the genres that have cruised up the Infobahn, we are still willing to cling to what we know to be true: Rock n' Roll. It feels good? Do it. It might sound a bit naive. Well, that's electric music for you, you're flying without a license. Over the edge, on the verge, love us or hate us - this is our music.