10 Yazan
Yazan is a born and bred New Yorker, raised on salty East River breezes and pizza slices, video game arcades and street art everywhere. Equally inspired by juke joint heroes of country blues (RL Burnside, Robert Johnson) and sophisticated songsters of the north (Neil Young, Bob Dylan), Yazan blends the visceral and the poignant with his dynamic voice and guitar playing. His sound is as colorful and soulful as the city that reared him: he is part urban storyteller, part guitar wizard, and all explorer of the universal spirit.
TUE 7/1
8 Alex Battles
Alex Battles is a singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn, NY. Alex is the creator of the Brooklyn Country Music Festival, The Johnny Bash Birthday Bash, The CasHank Hootenanny Jamboree, and since 2001, the leader of a country band called The Whisky Rebellion. His original music is currently available through preferred digital music outlets.
  9 Kirby Brown
Roots music singer-songwriter from Texas, now living in NYC. Influenced by John Prine, Townes van Zandt, Tom Petty, Dylan, et al. Lyrically focused, American storytelling.
  10 Yazan
  11 Justin Dean Thomas
a powerhouse singer, guitarist and songwriter blending the best of classic 1950s rock n roll and Americana and modern day New York City grit
WED 7/2
7:30 Quizz-Off
10 Seth Wulsin
NY Rhythm & Blues
  11 Supremo Massiv
THU 7/3
8 Lay Low Moon
Hailing from Boston, Lay Low Moon started as Seán McKenna's solo project, an outlet in which he could write new material, while playing drums in another band. By February 2014, Lay Low Moon released the two EP’s simultaneously, cleverly titled “One Summer”, consisting of the full band, and “One Winter”, the solo work of Seán McKenna, producing a creative blend of acoustic and folk instrumentation and thought provoking lyrics. The band continues to play throughout the northeast and have plans to release more material in 2014.
  9 Rue Snider
  10 Geordie Austen
  11 Radio Jarocho
FRI 7/4
8:30 Jesse Cooper Levy
  9:30 Jason Anderson
Pete's favorite returns with a night of triumphant folk music
10:30 Jeny Miller
SAT 7/5
7 Afternoon Delight with Chris Donahue & Friends
  8:30 Radiator King
Radiator King is the recording/performing name of Adam Silvestri, a Boston native, who began performing under the name in the fall of 2012. The music is the result of a vast array of influences ranging from Reverend Gary Davis and Howlin’ Wolf to Tom Waits and the Rolling Stones.
  9:30 Jazz Casual
Electronic soul and new wave from far outside and deep within the spectrum of the love galaxy.
10:30 Mobile Wash Unit
SUN 7/6
4-9 Organic Grill's Vegan BBQ (every Sunday)
Out Back at the Candy Store is a pop up feast of vegan goodies brought to you by Julia Chebotar of the East Village's Organic Grill. She brings a truly delicious menu of house made organic, vegan sliders, tacos, kebabs, salads and more.
  4 Barstool Tabernacle
  5-8 Open Mic
  9 Chia
Baltimore-based Chia are a progressive pop band birthed into existence by research scientist Susan Carnell (vocals, guitars/keyboards, songs), art monster/former theater prof Jason Chimonides (guitars, percussion, keyboards), and musician/producer extraordinaire Tim Delaney (bass, orchestral magic, digital trickery). Pairing smart lyrics and indelible melodies with killer grooves and baggy beats to get you musing and bopping, Chia's influences include 90s indie/alternative/ dance/R&B, 80s pop, and 70s disco and blues.
  10 Ervin Stellar
Ervin Stellar is an Americana fusion duo based in Brooklyn, NY. They recently finished a recording project with members of Bob Dylan's band, due to be released this Fall.
  11 Bashful
MON 7/7
7:30 Spelling Bee
9:30 Damian Quiñones y su conjunto acoustic show
Akin to a mix tape made from his uncle's old vinyl collection, Damian Quiñones and his band "El Conjunto" are sonically funky, expansive and colorful. The horn driven band percolates with percussion and a twin guitar attack that brings the all original set alive with flavor and gusto.  
Quiñones songwriting is a heady stew of 60's rock and roll, nuyorican funk, with a nice helping of tropicalia, and Afro-Caribbean sounds to boot.  for this special show, Quiñones and band will be performing acoustic.
Featuring:Gregorio Hernandez, Gregory Richardson, Brian Baker, Joshua Bloom, and Dan Laureano
10:30 Wooden Soles
TUE 7/8
8 Dan Pirello and Tom Tierney
Dan and Tom are old friends who decided to take a break from other projects and go on tour to work songs for a new album.
  9 William Thomas Lawrence
William wants to be the guitar player on his friend Trevor's upcoming record, "honky tonk hot dogs." He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.
  10 Yazan
  11 The Grey Man
"The Grey Man" bring "Kraut - Rock" to the new world. Fronted by native "Kraut", and Brooklyn transplant David Kay, the trio also consists of Matt Holt on bass (a real nyc-man) and Moroccan Sam Rekaibi on drums. Formed at the deep end of the Gowanus Canal (in the winter of 2013), the trio transforms a good portion of the best decades of rock into dynamic and eclectic loudness. Some sparks of emotion and light shine through their straightforward compositions and might bring up fond memories of past high times of songwriting.
WED 7/9
7:30 Quizz-Off
10 Mark Kraus
Mark Kraus is a Brooklyn based alt-country singer/songwriter. He is best known as the signer of the band Tsui and alt-country band Jr. Corduroy. His influences include Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, Elliott Smith, and post-punk. He is currently recording his first solo album due out this fall.
11 Chase King
Slow and sad, sometimes uplifting, but always reverb and nice melodies
THU 7/10
7 Open Mic All Stars
Featurning Ben Kronberg and Matt Kampert
  8:30 Alexandra Glassman
Alexandra Glassman is a native New Yorker and recently released her first EP "Dried Ink." She is a singer/songwriter and performs original pop and rock songs with her band.
9:30 Levon Henry
Levon Henry is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, currently living in Brooklyn. Mainly a woodwind multi-instrumentalist studied in jazz, Levon began writing, singing, and playing guitar out of a love for the the American singer-songwriter tradition.
  11 Larp
FRI 7/11
8 Montclaire
Montclaire is the latest incantation of Portland-based singer/songwriter Sabrina V. Her style marries haunting layered vocals and catchy guitar riffs that create a unique blend of indie pop-rock.
9 Great Dog Almighty
  10 Dead Trains
Rock 'n' roll band from Boston MA—fusion of delta blues, 50s rockabilly and 80s punk
11 Pete Lanctot
New York Music Daily writes that, "Pete Lanctot personifies pretty much everything good about New York's most happening music scene" His songs are surreal and mysterious narratives featuring sordid casts of characters who’s origins are vague, and seem equally likely to be found in present day New York City, a Memphis juke joint of the 1920s or hitchhiking a depression era plains state highway. Steeped in American traditions of blues, folk and country, and backed by a talented cast of musicians and improvisers Lanctot’s music is original, rabble rousing, heartbreaking and soul searching, always exploring the non-traditional without relying on reproduction.
SAT 7/12
7 Heidi and The 9 Feathers
New Weird America - lead by Heidi Harris ( https://soundcloud.com/heidi-harris-1 ) with haunting vocal harmonies by singers: Tea Leigh and Kelly Keliher, experimental and folky with a dynamic rhythm section.
  7:35 Matthew Flory Meade
Matthew Flory Meade is the main songwriter behind the band "friend roulette". This is his more normal music.
  8:15 Allysen Callery
Ghost Folk
  9 Harpooner
Harpooner unmistakably loves the Beatles and their offspring; Emmitt Rhodes and Badfinger. Their 2014 debut Speed 7" sounds like someone set the Brill Building on fire.
  10 Catfox
Sorcering Hi-Literature Nu-Carny Song.
  11 Whiskey Fountaynes
Secret family folk band, we play live once each year.
SUN 7/13
4-9 Organic Grill's Vegan BBQ (every Sunday)
Out Back at the Candy Store is a pop up feast of vegan goodies brought to you by Julia Chebotar of the East Village's Organic Grill. She brings a truly delicious menu of house made organic, vegan sliders, tacos, kebabs, salads and more.
  4 Barstool Tabernacle
5-8 Open Mic
  9 Gamble Cosmos
Gamble Cosmos is the “Psychedelic Troubadour” project of Baltimore based composer, and multi-instrumentalist Jason Chimonides (also of dream-pop act The Cinema Twin, and indie-pop band Chia).
Fusing the lush, psychedelic atmospheres of British Post-Punk with the earthy, primal attitude of early Rock & Roll and Swampy Funk – Gamble infuses his space bluesy sound with a basso-profundo voice and a mytho-poetic lyrical approach that draws heavily upon his upbringing in North Florida.
  10 Kristen Reilly
  11 Jade Shames
Jade Shames is an electric-acoustic musician living in Brooklyn, NY. He is another in a long bloodline of musicians and is inspired by many genres of music (Beethoven, Daft Punk, etc.). His work usually falls somewhere between post-minimalism and EDM. Jade’s music often focuses on the meditative quality of one melody line that expands and evolves—oscillating in chaos and math. He works with samples, a KORG SV-1, voice, various acoustic instruments, and an electric guitar once owned by 80’s rock star Rick Springfield.
MON 7/14
8 Sam Arnold
From Austin TX, Sam Arnold sings the crap out of songs about animals, history, sci-fi, astronomy, random stuff and the overcoming of personal challenges through the medium of hyperactive and eclectic prog-rock americana performances. He's celebrating the release of the final album of his 4-part series I'll be the Dog. Otherwise, Sam Arnold is a member of Austin prog-punkers Opposite Day and Lick Lick. If you like Black Francis, Neko Case, Wilco and/or food, you might enjoy this music.
9 Jenni Alpert
Acoustic soulful singer songwriter singing self penned songs
  10 Tommy Siegel
  11 Andrew Hammond
Any new artist is told to find a voice and that only then can he begin making great works. Andrew Hammond has found a vast array of voices. A dynamic storyteller and vocal chameleon, Hammond is in many ways, something new. Years of vocal experimentation as a voice artist and poet, have bred a unique vocal style, a massive range and an immersive live performance. From the foothills of the North Georgia mountains, Hammond narrates from the perspective of his barefoot childhood. Tall, thin and cherubic, Baritone, soprano and tenor, Andrew is a speaking, singing, screaming contradiction, that will demand your full attention.
TUE 7/15
8 Book Club
Book club is an acoustic 3-piece, rooted in folk tradition. It departs from those folk norms, however, with tense three part harmony layered over unusual, brooding narrative.
  9 Mickey Doolittle
The solo project of Michael Hesslein from Brooklyn-based rock band Mail the Horse. Joined by special guests Maya Shanker, Yazan, and others TBA.
  10 Yazan
  11 Graham Brice
WED 7/16
7:30 Quizz-Off
10 Lone Vice
11 TBA
THU 7/17
8 Kate Vargas
Clever and curious songwriting mixed up in a janglingly delightful blend of folk, blues, and rock. Kate will be playing with her inimitable band.
9 Hello Lovers
Southern Romantic
  10 Lady Baby Miss & the Tigermen (from New Orleans)
Southern Romantic
"BLKKATHY is a Brooklyn-based pop duo that represents a new voice in the R&B spectrum, one that finds empowerment in refreshingly understated ways" - Jeff Min, Wax Poetics
FRI 7/18
8 Bridget Davis
Bridget Davis and the Viking Kings is an indie-folk band from Brooklyn. They were included in the Deli Magazine's 2014 Best of NYC Emerging Artist Poll and are currently working on their first LP. Their previous two EP's, titled "Trouble Comes in Threes"(2012) and "January"(2014) are available now.
  9 Jess Delgado
dreamy 1960s french pop
  10 Hilary Capps
Hillary Capps is known for her ability to meld together the roots of classic jazz music with modern pop sensibilities. With strong female influences such as Sara Bareilles and Adele, Hillary's pop-oriented music encompasses subtle jazz phrasings and catchy melodies. The singer/songwriter's first full-length album, The Wishing Forest, was mixed at the legendary Electric Lady Studios by Michael Brauer (Coldplay, John Mayer, Christina Perri, The Rolling Stones) and released on January 21st, 2014. Capps and her band are based in Brooklyn, NY.
11 Verdigirls
Sad grl electro chamber pop. Making loneliness and art since 1991.
SAT 7/19
4 Lynette Williams & Akie
  5:30 The Visions
Tight yet expansive: clean yet dirty funk. Morris Day meets Jai Paul meets Jimi Hendrix.
  8 Grex
Grex (Karl Evangelista-guitar/vocals, Rei Scampavia- keys, vocals, Robert Lopez-drums) has been called “completely original” (Eugene Weekly), a "near- seamless blend of modern jazz, indie rock, and blues rock." (Tiny Mix Tapes) The band's fun, endlessly surprising sound has drawn comparisons to English Prog Rock (Henry Cow, The Cardiacs), free music (Ornette Coleman, Sonny Sharrock), and noise rock (Sonic Youth, The Velvet Underground).
  9 Good Times Cocaine
Good Times Cocaine is a feel-good rock duo from Brooklyn.
  10 Golden Alphabet
Based around the songwriting of Tommy Cormier, Golden Alphabet has reformed in Brooklyn after uprooting from its original home in Tucson, Arizona. They deliver an aesthetic of lyrically-driven, melancholy indie folk with colors of ethereal, psychedelic, and baroque pop arrangements.
11 The Synthetic Blues
A self-proclaimed punk band, The Synthetic Blues is composed of a string quartet, banjo, ukulele, and acoustic guitar. Performing tightly-arranged songs inspired by the corpse of the American songbook, their repertoire is equal parts weird, funny and sad.
SUN 7/20
4-9 Organic Grill's Vegan BBQ (every Sunday)
Out Back at the Candy Store is a pop up feast of vegan goodies brought to you by Julia Chebotar of the East Village's Organic Grill. She brings a truly delicious menu of house made organic, vegan sliders, tacos, kebabs, salads and more.
  4 Barstool Tabernacle
  5-8 Open Mic
  9 Baby Names
Hailing from Boston, Baby Names is solo rapper inspired by Gordon Lightfoot and fresh fruit.
10 Jeff Beam
Jeff Beam is a multi-instrumentalist from New England. Inspired by the likes of Elliott Smith, Deerhunter, & the Olivia Tremor Control, Beam is embarking on a solo tour this July. The set will feature acoustic renditions of Beam’s experimental psychedelic songs, complete with vocal effects, cassette loops, and a Leslie speaker.
11 Kafari
Kafari is the solo musical moniker for Ahmad Hassan Muhammad. A member of the prominent psych-jazz New England band JAW GEMS (Teenarena Records), the Cincinnati native presents a captivating one-man show filled with keyboards, samples, sound collages. Kafari lands somewhere between Flying Lotus and Ella Fitzgerald.
MON 7/21
8 Oak and Spire
  9 Sam Decker
10 Seth Wulsin
  11 Supremo Massiv
TUE 7/22 7 Rodney Fritz
8 Revel Switch
Revel Switch is an alt country heavy metal indie rock band from Brooklyn. Alex miller on guitar. Rich Meyer on bass . Arei on drums.
  9 Donny Dinero
  10 Yazan
  11 Revival Times

Revival Times is an electric rock band based in Brooklyn NY. The lineup features Gary Tedder and Paul Lara on guitar, lead and Matt Houston on bass guitar with all three providing vocals and backups. In addition several talented friends contribute additional instrumentation and vocals to recordings and performances.

The band is constantly evolving and crafting new approaches, but remains centered around a sound consciously skewed towards simplicity, song, and space. As a 6 piece psychout ensemble, a four pieces rock group or a 3 pieces folk pop ensemble Revival Times always bring their songs to life with honest performances. The core members of the group have enough of a shared aesthetic and musical context to draw the project into focus, but each bring a different perspective to every composition and arrangement, completing each others musical sentences in ways at once familiar and surprising.

The band is currently recording new material for a second LP, playing live shows in clubs, galleries and cafe's in and around NYC regularly as well as booking their first European tour to promote Arrowhead in the Diamonds Eye their first full length record.
Arrowhead in the Diamonds Eye can be streamed here http://revivaltimes.bandcamp.com/
WED 7/23
7:30 Quizz-Off
10 The Merrymaker’s Orchestra
What started as the private project of a seasoned guitarist is now being brought to life with "The Merrymaker's Orchestrina." Drummer Paolo Latanzi, bassist Michael Feinburg and guitarist/vocalist Ryan Shivdasani pay homage to their favorite 60s/70s supergroups without losing sight of their improv based jazz and blues backgrounds. The result is a refreshing, melodic, funky, and eclectic band.
11 Mikal Shapiro with The Winterdrinks
Mikal Shapiro is a tricky little trickster from Kansas City, Missouri. Her genre-bending, dream-infused folk noir seeps from one subconscious to the next. Heavily under the influence of Leonard Cohen, Eleni Mandell, Townes Van Zandt and Peggy Lee, her hypnotic klezmer thrives on pushing buttons in an attempt to make the world reboot.

The Winterdrinks expands and contracts around Richard Alwyn (The Love Hangover, The King Canutes). His songs mix heartland roots, Brooklyn life and Continental style and are poured in equal measure from Lloyd Cole, The Replacements, Raymond Carver and W. Somerset Maugham. Though often shaken, his faith in love is still devout.
THU 7/24 7

Open Mic All Stars
Featuring Nik Westman

8 Phil Pickens
Crooner Folk Rock. Southern gentleman takes Manhattan.
9 The Candy Apples
Acoustic guitar psychedelic pop duo that writes, records, & rambles around Brooklyn, NY.
  10 The Oxygen Ponies
Paul Megna is a NYC-based songwirter and producer best knows as front-man/songwriter with the group The Oxygen Ponies. His first two releases, The Oxygen Ponies (2006) and Harmony Handgrenade (2009) landed him on multiple best-of-the year lists worldwide and he was championed by legendary DJ Bob Harris (Radio 2, Old Grey Whistle Test) in the UK. His last album under the Oxygen Ponies moniker Exit Wounds (2011) drew comparisons to Dylan's Blonde on Blonde, Waits Closing Time and Lou Reed's Berlin. His first album as Paul Megna 'Good Morning Black Heart' is set to be released in the winter of 2014.
11 Chris McFarland
Texas born singer songwriter channeling Husker Du, The Replacements, Hayden, Ryan Adams, and Springsteen
FRI 7/25
7 Pete's WNHP New issue party
A reading and party for the latest issue of We'll Never Have Paris zine. Prizes and more.
9 Lady Moon and The Eclipse
Lady Moon and The Eclipse is a multicultural band of performing artists who create music inspired by the exploration of traditional and new world music. It is spiritual music transcending into different dimensions of sound and cultures creating a fusion of many self acclaimed and worldly known genres including jazz, funk, rock, rage, house, and RnB.
10 Shenandoah and The Night
Shenandoah and the Night offers a haunting, noir-ish sound counter-balanced by bursts of joy and infectious energy. Rootsy enough for folk enthusiasts without sacrificing its modernist edge, Shenandoah and the Night cast a wide net across the spectrums of taste and time, blending and blurring a diverse set of influences that range from the operatic anguish of Nina Simone and Kurt Weill, to the dusky psychedelic sturm und drang of the Doors and Janis Joplin. “It’s a little hard to listen to the airy baroque pop of Shenandoah and the Night and not imagine the majestic national park and valley of the same name. Perhaps it’s because the three-year-old Brooklyn quartet’s music evokes an evening in the Shenandoah Valley: lush, starry and filled with nocturnal cool.” – WNYC
11 Belle Mare
With influences ranging from Sibylle Baier and Mazzy Star to darker indie acts such as The Notwist and Grouper, Belle Mare effortlessly compounds a modern vibe with retrospective leanings to create something nostalgic yet exploratory.
SAT 7/26
2-7 Pete's Mini Zine Fest
The annual fest-in-a-bar continues with more great zines.
  4 Field Guides
Together With Those Which Are of Special Value to the Beekeeper as Sources of Pollen. Songs 'bout people & places & plants & animals.
5 Super Yamba Band
Super Yamba Band is a brooklyn based Afro-funk group that draws from West African musical traditions to create original dance music. Influenced by the music of Nigeria, Senegal, Mali and more, Super Yamba Band provides the rare groove that Afrobeat enthusiasts are looking for!
  6 Single Ben
  8 George Stass and Anya Aliferis
  9 A Fistful of Sugar
Harmony-heavy alt-folk collective from Philadelphia w/ elements of gypsy jazz and bluegrass
  10 Stolen Jars
Stolen Jars is the music project of Cody Fitzgerald. Inspired by acts as diverse as Dan Deacon, Elvis Costello, and The Dirty Projectors, Stolen Jars is a beautiful mixture of looping intricate guitar lines and floating melodies all brought to life by a live band featuring Molly Grund, Elena Juliano, Greg Nissan, Will Radin, and Tristan Rodman.
  11 The Safewords
The Safewords is a new rock and roll band from New York City, fronted by Starlight Girls guitarist Shaw Walters. You'll dig it.
SUN 7/27
4-9 Organic Grill's Vegan BBQ (every Sunday)
Out Back at the Candy Store is a pop up feast of vegan goodies brought to you by Julia Chebotar of the East Village's Organic Grill. She brings a truly delicious menu of house made organic, vegan sliders, tacos, kebabs, salads and more.
  4 Barstool Tabernacle
  5-8 Open Mic
  9 Little Cobweb
Little Cobweb plays songs that have singing and guitar notes.
  10 American Anymen
Antifolk trio: guitar/singing - upright bass - live video editing.
  11 Aaron Roche
MON 7/28
7:45 Leisure Class Improv
Three UCB-trained improv teams!!
9 Dia & Tim Carr
  10 Brett Harris
Brett Harris is a singer/songwriter from Durham, NC and is the featured vocalist with Big Star's Third, a tribute to Big Star led by the band's only surviving member, Jody Stephens. Brett also plays guitar with The dB's.
  11 The Dawn Drapes
The Dawn Drapes is an alternative indie rock trio formed in the summer of 2012 by Michael Sanzo, Daniel Rice and Eggy Gorman. Hailing from the small but undeniably hip town of Harrisonburg VA the band plays a unique repertoire of songs with influences ranging from lyrically conscious folk rock to heavy hitting alternative. In February of 2014 the band finally hit the studio and released their debut E.P entitled "She," which features six original tracks showcasing the band's songwriting and musical talents. Since that time The Drapes have toured consistently up and down the east coast from Boston, MA to Athens, GA bringing their very own brand of music to the masses.
TUE 7/29 7 Rodney Fritz
8 Baby Copperhead
Local sci-fi banjo player and guitarist, Baby Copperhead, celebrates his annual rite of passage-- 18 years ago, in a freak accident under the full moon, he was struck by two venomous copperheads. He will be presenting some brand new material from his upcoming release.
  9 Sleep Machine
  10 Yazan
  11 Grace Kelly All Day
Grace Kelly All Day is street folk and home blues.
WED 7/30 7:30 Quizz-Off
  10 Adeline Hotel
Adeline Hotel is a band from Brooklyn, NY. Their debut LP “Leave The Lights” was recorded with producer Danny Rose at his studio in Bushwick and features members of Steady Sun, as well as Magnolia Electric Co.’s Mike Brenner on lap steel. Distinguished by an unabashed knack for eliciting the stylings of seminal Americana songwriters, Adeline Hotel marries these influences with a more contemporary lo-fi approach. Following the June release of a limited edition 7" single, "Leave The Lights" is out in September via Future Oak Records.
  11 Roto's Magic Act
THU 7/31
8 David Kronenberg and Friends
A singer, songwriter and acoustic guitar player from Forest Hills, NY. David is back at Pete’s performing his original songs, old and new; simple and soulful, in preparation for recording his first record as a solo artist. "He delivers his sound and music in an authentic and genuine way that’s rare in the music industry today. The man truly knows how to put the music in his body and it’s so clear he sings from the heart. Folk music is lucky to have such a natural artist to the genre." - Close Encounters
9 Future Promise Cases
Future Promise Cases were forced at gunpoint by vegan leather billionaires to perform rock music. They escaped their captivity, and now they’re proud to offer you the funk for free.
  10 King's Island
New project from Adam Anderson (Tree of Snakes), Jay Guillermo (Gym Class, Night Swim), and Danny Tuss (Umbrella Men, Cedar Point). Country-tinged-garage-drum-synth-scape.
11 Cedar Point
Indie country sounds from members of Ohio-born/Brooklyn-based band Umbrella Men, and Brooklyn singers Jessie Rose Lacava and Janie Tuss. "Crazy Horse meets Béla Bartók on their Ohio back porch"
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