TUE 4/1
8 The Dream Show
  10 Tim Garrigan
“Wandering around New York City and feeling lost is a recurring theme that permeates all sorts of depictions of the city. Despite the fact that you're surrounded by millions of people, you feel lonely, and so on. But notwithstanding the slightly conventional subject – and a sound that often betrays a passion for Bob Dylan – Tim Garrigan displays those desperate, lost feelings with courage and a remarkable ability to convey a wide range of emotions, showing that the archetype of the lonely city dweller, when rendered with depth and complexity, can still be a well of lyrical inspiration.” Deli Magazine NYC, July 2013
  11 Revel Switch
WED 4/2
7:30 Quizz-Off
10 Woof Woof
Woof Woof is a duo with Chris Kyle on guitar and Nick Anderson on drums. The music is sonically and compositionally adventurous. Fuzzy and energetic, bitterly beautiful.
11 Hamin Reed
Transcendental Rock
THU 4/3
7:30 Pete's Reading Series
  9 Andrew Duhon
New Orleans singer/songwriter Andrew Duhon's year has been full of exciting performances and developments. He has played Bonnaroo, The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, Voodoo Fest, Austin City Limits Festival and SXSW 2014. He opened for Donavan Frankenreiter, Patty Griffin and Martin Sexton. Andrew's second full length record, "The Moorings," received rave reviews from American Songwriter and CMT's The Edge. "The Moorings," also received a Grammy nomination for "Best Engineered Album," this year. Andrew's music is often compared to the likes of Amos Lee and Ray Lamontagne.
  10 Natalie Mishell & Co.
American folk rock, Alt Country
  11 Johnny Butler
"After dabbling with resonances from John Coltrane and Miles Davis and enveloping his processed saxophone sound in cavernous reverb, Brooklyn-based Johnny Butler turns a polyphony of overdubbed horns (triggered by laptop) into Fritz Lang’s Metropolis machine" — DownBeat Magazine
FRI 4/4
7 Pete's Multifarious Array
  9 Evripidis and his Tragedies
  10 Aaron N Brooke
  11 The Say So's
Brooklyn based garage punk rock.
SAT 4/5
4 Jazz Casual
  5 RUWA
  6 Ayumi Ishito
  7 Afternoon Delight Comedy with Chris Donahue
Joon Chung
Brandon Scott Wolf
Sue Smith
  8 Hollywood Anderson
Hollywood Anderson brings his soulful vibe & charisma to the streets, subways and venues of NYC and beyond.
  9 Vatan
Persian Country Funk
  10 Bridget Davis and The Viking Kings
Bridget Davis' voice is one of subtler devastation. It renders you defenseless without thunder or pyrotechnics. Married to stories of romantic longing, vengeful whalers, and idealized domesticity it eases itself into your consciousness and remains there long after the concert has ended, the iPod has gone to sleep, the CD has ceased to spin.
  11 Black and White Movies
Black and White Movies is a local 4-piece indie rock/pop band, as influenced by Yuck as they are by Nosferatu. The band writes tight, melody-driven songs about their experiences with pets, heartbreak, The X-Files, James Joyce, and walks between Greenpoint and Williamsburg. Whether you dig on the eerie or the effervescent, you will find something to hold on to during this talented young band's Pete's Candy Store debut.
SUN 4/6
4 Revolution Church
5-8:30 Open Mic
  9 Benton Roark
With music stylistically described as “a dark and interior vision” and “floor-stomping blues” (The Georgia Straight), “emotionally rich” (NOW Toronto) and “dirty-southern-gothic-rock-country-folk” (Discorder Magazine), composer and singer-songwriter Benton Roark has firmly established himself as a genre-defying voice on the North American music scene.  His last record with his band Rollaway - The Return of the Lonesome Coyote Patchwork Pulpit, and Sundry Other Tales from the Rainbow’s End - was released to glowing reviews ("if he keeps making records as good as this one, Roark is welcome to stay here as long as he likes" - The Georgia Straight), bringing his sound into a refined blend of Southern gothic poetry, ramshackle roots, and dark romanticism.  The Return was Roark’s fourth record of original work in a songwriting career that has spanned multiple projects and locales, including New York, Vancouver, and Atlanta, where early efforts labeled him a “crafty folk experimentalist with an ear for jazz atmospherics” (Creative Loafing).  Roark appears at Pete's with guests Kathleen Allan (vocals), Seth Fruiterman (accordion), Doug Perry (vibraphone), and Jonny Allen (percussion).
  10 The Rungs
A duo that you won’t want to miss, Mandy and Diwas of The Rungs bring you sparkling synth pop, unique guitar play and feel good vocals. Reminiscent of synth bands from the early 80's, and with a discernible reference to Southeast Asian instrumentation, it is catchy, inventive, and bright.
  11 Ryan Thompson
MON 4/7
8 Monograms (acoustic set)
Monograms is the alias of frontman & multi-instramentalist Ian Jacobs. Hailing from Brooklyn, NYC, Monograms evokes elements of indie, surf and psych; while staying rooted in pop song writing structures.
9 Brian Keenan
Brian Keenan is a man of many words, a prolific singer/songwriter from Brooklyn. As frontman for Proud Simon, Brian led a ten year musical journey through classic country, fuzzed psychedelia and horn drenched pop balladry. He is set to release his follow up full-length solo record in Spring 2014.
  10 Pantaleon (of Time Travelers)
Pantaleon is the solo recording project of Edward Sturtevant (of Time Travelers). He uses this name to showcase different songs, musical experiments, and other sorts of creative output.
11 Hurrah! A Bolt of Light
TUE 4/8
7-8:30 Two Readings and Band: Nancy Esposito, Golden West Service and Britt Melewski
Nancy Esposito was born in Dallas, Texas, where she grew up. She received her B.A. and M.A. from New York University. Her first book of poems was Changing Hands (Quarterly Review of Literature Contemporary Poetry Series VI). Mêm’Rain, a winner of the National Looking Glass Poetry Chapbook Competition, was published in 2002 by Pudding House Publications, which also published Greatest Hits: 1978-2001 in 2003. A fourth book of poems, Lamentation with June Bug, was published in December 2013.

Golden West Service is a band formed in San Francisco in 2008 and consists of Matt L. Rohrer and a varying cast of musicians. They have toured internationally and released several recordings. Listen here: www.goldenwestservice.bandcamp.com

Britt Melewski’s poems have appeared in Sporkpress, Cura, the Philadelphia Review of Books, Puerto Del Sol and Else Where. Melewski received his MFA at Rutgers-Newark in 2012. He lives in Brooklyn.

Nancy Esposito will read poems from her new book Lamentation with June Bug. In support of Nancy, Golden West Service will play some tunes and Britt Melewski will read poems.
  9 Ryan Dieringer
Songwriter / frontman of New York's Double King performs a solo acoustic set of all-new material.
  11 El Tryptophan
Greetings from EL TRYPTOPHAN, dispatch of the post-internet musical landscape of hybrids, duplicates, dilettantes and drones E.T. did her schooling at Wire-GBV-Silver Jews polytechnic—corroborate thru the frames of your Google Glasses. While trying to keep her boner alive for "the thing," E.T. collaborated with Dean & Britta on the 2013 EP Good mourning, Short companions. With a bedrock of spontaneity, complicated by a vocal and lyrical presence of near-subliminal depth, E.T. evokes the urban zeitgeist of writer Donald Barthelme as much as the psychedelic collage of early Eno. Calibrate your expectations appropriately, but prepare to have them shattered by the mutated and the lustrous.
WED 4/9
7:30 Quizz-Off
10 Loopgrass
Will Hanza and Sean Hagerty perform gypsy folk bluegrass inspired songs using live looping of guitar, banjo, violin, mandolin, harmonica, voice and whatever else they can get their hands on.
11 Casual Dolphins
THU 4/10 7 Open Mic All Stars
The cream of the Open Mic crop share a bill of their own. Bruce Martin's hallowed open mic cult (every Sunday 5-9pm) has bred an offshoot, The Open Mic All Stars. Hand picked from among the many shining stars at Pete's Open Mic Series, these performers are given a larger performance slot to showcase their talents. And don't be surprised when OMAS  showcases past Open Mic performers who have managed to make careers in music performance.
8 Jessica Rowboat
Jessica Rowboat grew up on a hill station near New Delhi. She is fond of grills, Wolverine, and gouda cheese. Jessica is classically trained in voice, guitar, and jazz hands. She writes a blend of folk acoustic soul.
  9 Flutronix
Flutronix is Nathalie Joachim and Allison Loggins-Hull, two blazing young flutists who are “redefining the flute and modernizing its sound by hauling it squarely into the world of popular music.” (MTV Iggy) Their original urban art pop is best described as “a unique blend of classical music, hip-hop, electronic programming and soulful vocals reminiscent of neo-R&B stars like Erykah Badu.” (The Wall Street Journal)
10 Jon Darling
melodic Indy/alt acoustic with shades of Eliot Smith and Alex Turner.
  11 Bonsai
Bonsai is a Brooklyn based act featuring singer-songwriter Simone Stevens and guitarist Greg McMullen(Trixie Whitely, Michelle Ndegcello, Glenn Branca). Come and join them for some lively folky dream pop tunes.
FRI 4/11
7 Pete's Multifarious Array
  9 Jessica Carvo
  10 Lightning Jar
  11 Lance Breakfast
SAT 4/12
4 Twain
  5 Revel Switch
revel switch is a band new to Portland from NYC. The music is a blend of rock and alternative country/americana. Critics have likened it to a cross between Hank Williams and Black Sabbath.Their shows are dynamic roller coasters of sound. Smart songs from the heart with irony.
  6 Sleep Machine
8 Rachel + Scott
Rachel + Scott is a two-person folk-rock band consisting of Rachel and Scott, buddies and musical kin. They play two guitars and sing with two voices and try to live. They love space and speak loudest of absences. Influences include Nick Drake, Liz Phair, and inadequacies. Rejected band names include Regular Robot, the Shining, The Outpatients, and Heavy Milk.
9 Jason Anderson
Pete's regular returns for another loving evening of catharsis through song.
10 Donny Dinero
  11 Yazan
Yazan is a born and bred New Yorker, raised on salty East River breezes and pizza slices, video game arcades and street art everywhere. Equally inspired by juke joint heroes of country blues (RL Burnside, Robert Johnson) and sophisticated songsters of the north (Neil Young, Bob Dylan), Yazan blends the visceral and the poignant with his dynamic voice and guitar playing. His sound is as colorful and soulful as the city that reared him: he is part urban storyteller, part guitar wizard, and all psychedelic explorer of the universal spirit.
SUN 4/13
4 Open Mic
  5-8:30 Revolution Church
9 Chris Lind
  10 Lee And The Mumbles Acoustic Set
Lee and The Mumbles are a local, female-fronted, soulful, indie rock band formed by Lee, a former music blogger and manager of The Independent Music Awards.The music features folk storytelling lyrics with Florence and the Machine like vocals over intricate instrumentation.
  11 Minimus The Poet
Minimus the Poet is an indie-rock band from Baltimore. Blending influences from folk and bluegrass with rock and pop, their music features soaring vocal harmonies and a vast array of tempos and instrumentation. MTP is working on their third studio album to be released in the Fall of 2014.
MON 4/14
8 Boo Hoo
Boo Hoo is a folk singer from Frankfurt, Germany. His daydream songs have the feeling of stray balloons drifting into a sparkling sky.
  9 Give To Light
Give To Light is Andrew Hoepfner's synth pop solo project based around the Omnichord, a synthesizer that is the 80s reincarnation of the autoharp.
  10 Andrew Doherty
These days ANDY DOHERTY is most often found playing bass and singing ethereal harmonies in indie-pop darlings Frances Cone or rocking some 1960s fuzz-bass in Craig Martinson and the Heartbeats. A sought after bassman around town, he's also performed with Aunt Martha, Oceanographer and the New Ponies. His formative musical years were spent recording and touring in Boston-based Grimis, of which he was a founding member in 7th grade.

But on rare Brooklyn winter nights when thrust beneath the klieg lights by incessant friends, he drops the low-end, picks up an acoustic guitar, downs a shot of whiskey and sings the saccharine melodies of Randy Newman, Paul Simon and Vetiver. He's written one song of his own, "Kicking Cans." Those who have heard it swear it's the love child of The Band, Mason Jennings and Harry Nilsson. Will he perform this secretive classic on this night at Pete's? Ask nicely, buy him a drink and dammit he just might.
  11 Wilderlands
Wilderlands is a Brooklyn-based, folk duo who weave intricate male/female harmonies atop a bed of strummed and fingerpicked guitar. Fronted by Jeff Malinowski and Amal Bouhabib, Wilderlands serves as a more minimalistic folk counterpoint to the duo's other project, Basement Band.
TUE 4/15
7 The Highwaymen
  9 Green and Glass
  10 Maitri
  11 Lesley Kernochan
From singing Edith Piaf in Portugal with a cabaret comedy troupe, to playing sax in Portlandia's March Fourth Marching Band, here comes Lesley Kernochan with her own show. Her music is a beautiful blend of tender-hearted anti-folk and ridiculous pop songs about meat.
WED 4/16
7:30 Quizz-Off
10 Bad Eggs
indie folk guitar/vox/glock duo
11 Robert Leslie
THU 4/17
7:30 Pete's Reading Series
  9 Geordie Austen
  10 Brent Nettles
  11 Burn Collectors
Burn Collectors are a Brooklyn five-piece that play guitar-and-piano-driven rock n' roll, with 3-part harmonies and lyrics that are dark, comic, and will sometimes rhyme.
FRI 4/18
8 Miwi La Lupa
There are many times when a man or a woman needs to show their canine teeth, as MiWi La Lupa tells us on his album, "New Way Home." It's when the kindhearted and gentle souls are stirred into foaming at the mouth animals, when they've been pushed or kicked one time too many. Everyone has their breaking point and when it's reached, there's no way to predict what will happen next. Very few people want to be mean. They'd rather not kick dirt and just stay on the side of good, with their coffees, crossed legs and casual, passing observations. They'd rather not cause any trouble, but sometimes you're left with no choice and actions cannot be stifled. You've just had enough. La Lupa's frustrations come out on this album, but so does his honest touch and his attention to a tenderness that's never far from the surface, even in the darkest of moments. ~ Sean Moller - Daytrotter Sessions
9 Dejha
10 Kellen Zakula and the Yeah Daddies
Featuring Jake Joliff of Joy Kills Sorrow on mandolin and bassist Bridget Kearney of Lake Street Dive, Kellen Zakula and the Yeah Daddies plays a mix of original songwriting and new interpretations of folk and pop favorites.
11 Oak and Spire
Original songs that fall somewhere between folk and chamber music. Featuring an elastic combination of piano, harmonium, viola, guitar, bass and drums, Oak & Spire makes haunting music that appears simple but features intricate arrangements and evocative harmonies.
SAT 4/19
4-7 Unhinged: An Afternoon of Queer Songwriters
  4 Nik Lone
  4:45 Aaron Pfieffer
  5:30 The Paisley Fields
  6:15 John Laperriere
  8 Good Times Cocaine
  9 Shane Henderson
  10 Mobile Wash Unit
  11 Pete Lanctot- Record Store Day Party
New York Music Daily writes that, "Pete Lanctot personifies pretty much everything good about New York's most happening music scene" His songs are surreal and mysterious narratives featuring sordid casts of characters who’s origins are vague, and seem equally likely to be found in present day New York City, a Memphis juke joint of the 1920s or hitchhiking a depression era plains state highway. Steeped in American traditions of blues, folk and country, and backed by a talented cast of musicians and improvisers Lanctot’s music is original, rabble rousing, heartbreaking and soul searching, always exploring the non-traditional without relying on reproduction.
To celebrate Record Store Day Pete Lanctot will be giving out free records to the first 25 people in attendance and will include an additional free record with each copy of his new EP, Caledonia sold.
SUN 4/20
4 Revolution Church
  5-8:30 Open Mic
  9 Laney Jones & the Lively Spirits
Laney Jones’s songwriting is as quirky and charming as her upbringing in rural Mount Dora, Florida. Raised on an exotic animal farm surrounded by an alligator-infested lake, she artfully spins tall tales of life from down in the swamplands. Laney’s voice have been described as “a mix of lemon, molasses, gin and gunpowder”. Laney incorporates multi-instrumental prowess on banjo, ukulele and harmonica in her live shows alongside her string band “the Lively Spirits” which includes fellow Berklee students Jacy Anderson (guitar) and Lars Thorson (fiddle), and bassist Matthew Tonner.
  10 Sie Sie Benhof
  10:30 Vug Arakas
  11 TK Webb
MON 4/21
8 Josh Elkes
Josh Elkes is a twenty-two year old singer/songwriter from NYC. His second EP, produced by Ben Brodin (Bright Eyes, First Aid Kit) will be released this summer.
9 Castle Black
Castle Black is a four member female band from New York City, playing a strong foundation of rock, with elements of blues, punk and experimental noisy whatever thrown in for good measure. Their first EP will be recorded later this year.
10 The Good Graces
dreamy, atmospheric indie-folk duo wearing their 90s and southern influences boldly on their sleeves. For fans of Kristin Hersh, Juliana Hatfield, The Mountain Goats, and sweet tea.
  11 Wyndham Baird
TUE 4/22
7 8x8
  8 Self Help
Self Help is a jangly, synthy, pop monster. Equal parts Dropkick Murphys and the Cure, with a touch of booze.
  9 Loch Hame
Loch Hame is a musical and visual performance by East Village artist and musician Tyler Loftis. He wrote, played, and recorded nine songs in a cabin in northern Michigan. He also collected images during the three year process and compiled them into nine different videos. The videos play like visual prose borrowing from the language of painting and mixing with the musical language to create a new experience.
  10 Angela Savvas
Angela Savvas is a soul/pop practitioner pulling sounds from all her favorites: Otis Redding, Roy Orbison, and good ole fashioned pain.
  11 TBA
WED 4/23
7:30 Quizz-Off
  10 Dead Lore
Dead Lore is an Indie-folk band based in Queens, NY, blending influences ranging from Chopin to Tom Waits and Elliot Smith.
11 Scott Allen Klopfenstein
Scott Klopfenstein is a Brooklyn based Singer/Songwriter/Composer. He was a long time member of the band Reel Big Fish and has an established solo career making his own records and composing for theater in NYC.
THU 4/24 7 Open Mic All Stars
The cream of the Open Mic crop share a bill of their own. Bruce Martin's hallowed open mic cult (every Sunday 5-9pm) has bred an offshoot, The Open Mic All Stars. Hand picked from among the many shining stars at Pete's Open Mic Series, these performers are given a larger performance slot to showcase their talents. And don't be surprised when OMAS  showcases past Open Mic performers who have managed to make careers in music performance.
8 Melaena Cadiz
  9 Psalmships
Ghost folk / gothic Americana
10 The Bones of JR Jones
Born and raised in central New York, in a house at the end of a long dirt road, J.R. started dabbling in music when he was six and his mother mandated – as she did with his older and younger brothers – that he take piano lessons. A self-taught guitar and banjo player, J.R.’s fondness for old gospel hymns, bluesmen like Son House and R.L. Burnside, and artists like The Carter Family and Tom Waits, helped shape his sound, which has been described as “haunting stomp blues tempered with a touch of honey.
11 Brett Harris
Brett Harris is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from Durham, NC. His last LP Man of Few Words was featured by Paste Magazine's "Best of What's Next", NPR's "All Songs Considered: Second Stage", drawing comparisons to the music of Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello, Harry Nilsson, and Josh Rouse. Since that time he has participated as a core band member in live performances of Big Star’s Third in the US, UK, Spain, and Australia while also serving as a touring member of jangle pop progenitors The dB's. He has recently completed work on a new LP due out later this year.
FRI 4/25 7 Pete's Multifarious Array
9 Yaman Palak
Yaman Palak is a solo musician based in Brooklyn, NY. As a guitarist, singer, songwriter, composer, he explores his idiosyncratic digestion of contemporary music. His songs execute the balancing act between eclectic chaos and focused information. His music has been compared to Istanbul Psychedelic Rock and in the same breath associated with vanguard musical experiments that nurture from Pop, Rock, Jazz and Classical Music. His debut EP "In Between" was released in February 2014. Chris Davidson joins him on drums and Ran Livneh on Bass
10 Hidden Wool
The Hidden Wool are excited to return to Pete's -- their home away from home -- in order to celebrate the release of their new EP, in which they perfect their patented brand of sounding exactly like this.
  11 Night Powers
Night Powers is a trio from Brooklyn, featuring organ, dark psych guitar, electronic beats and a duet of male and female vocals. Fans of horror and spaghetti western soundtracks, Nick Cave, Baba Yaga, Lee & Nancy, theatrical drama, the 1960s, dark story telling and crisp fashion will not be disappointed."
SAT 4/26
  5 TBA
  6 TBA
  7 Sandel
Trumpeting her powerful voice over a lush blend of folk, pop, and rock, Australian native Sandel channels a variety of inspirations -- from Carole King and Natalie Cole to Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay, and Imogen Heap. Written and recorded during her first year in her new home of New York City, Sandel's latest EP, Lines, explores the essence of humanity -- the joy, the pain, the imperfection. In her songs, Sandel fights for hope amidst the darkness, in an effort to make music that moves the soul.
  8 Jenneh Bell
Jennah Bell is an Oakland-grown singer/ songwriter whose ravenous musical curiosities inspired her own creative wonderland; her quirky songwriting & undefinable genre is a direct product of her proud Bay Area roots. As the architect of all aspects of her musical endeavors, Jennah pulls from a colorful palette of Folk, Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, & Bluegrass.
  9 Dan and The Wildfire
Dan & the Wildfire is a folk rock band from Boston, MA. The group has been touring the Northeast and Midwest with their current album, "Smoke Signals", and has appeared with notable acts like The Original Wailers and the Soul Rebels. Dan & the Wildfire is gearing up to record a new record this May.
  10 Zeke and Karen
Zeke Healy and Karen Waltuch play resonator guitar and viola to support vocal duets. They create a refined exuberance reminiscent of tabletop fireworks, extracting from and recalibrating your new favorite songs.
  11 Mike Calabrese and Tyler play Ziggy Stardust
SUN 4/27
4 Revolution Church
  5-8:30 Open Mic
  9 The Falldown Town
The Falldown Town play songs about the uncertainty of things.
  10 Holland Patent Public Library
The musical equivalent of flying to the moon and finding your grandmother sweeping up Neil Armstrong's footprints.
  11 The Morrow
The Morrow formed in Brooklyn, NY last year, recording and mixing in the basement of a church in Park Slope and picking up new fans as they perform their unique blend of indie rock with equal splashes of dark and fun, Band members include Daniel Morrow (singer/songwriter), Alex Sherba (guitarist), Jonathan Vergara (drummer) and Gabby Ess (vocals, bass, piano and anything else you can think of!) Band members enjoy switching instruments and genres equally and it is this versatility and ingenuity that audiences in New York have been embracing . They are excited to share their debut EP "From The Beginning"with fans old and new over the spring.
MON 4/28
8 Rachel Eckroth
Performing music from her latest album 'Let Go'
  9 Noble Kin
Keith Polasko, the songwriter and multi-instrumentalist behind Noble Kin, was born not far from New York City some years ago and has been plying his trade in Brooklyn since earlier phases of the borough's notorious gentrification. A dedicated recluse, he recorded Noble Kin's new EP, "Cornish Litany" in a secluded Catskills cabin with engineer and part-time lion tamer Reed Black.
  10 Arnan Raz Quintet
Arnan Raz Quintet is a classic jazz quintet in it's instrumentation: Tenor Sax, alto sax,piano, bass and Drums. While Leaning on the roots of the greats Lester young, Stan Getz and Warne Marsh as well as current giant Mark Turner, Arnan Raz Quintet manages to infuse American folk music and Israeli music into their own and can be described as a New York's style modern jazz group. Their Sound is very elegant, the playing is energetic and the solos like the compositions are melodic and lyric. It has been described as "cold fire". Unity and Harmony is what comes to mind when you hear the quintet playing together in an effortless way.
  11 Famous Rays
TUE 4/29 8 The Dream Show
  10 Sara Syms
Raw, organic and heartfelt, Folk/Americana artist Sara Syms writes from the most honest, intimate and vulnerable place in her soul. Her debut album Fade to Blue was recorded in Woodstock, NY with engineer Matthew Cullen (Ray LaMontagne, Rachael Yamagata) at Dreamland Studios, a 19th century country church which has been host to such legendary artists as Pat Metheny, The Band and 10,000 Maniacs. She has been on tour in support of the album and working on her next release, Way Back Home.
  11 TBA
Wed 4/30 7:30 Quizz-Off
  10 Rachel Brotman
Brooklyn based vocalist, composer and pianist, born and raised in NYC, educated in New Orleans, drawing from soul and electronic influences amidst roots in jazz and improvisation. "Exudes a graceful simplicity." - NPR
  11 Future Promise Cases
Future Promise Cases plays rock & roll cut with bluegrass and folk.