WED 10/1
7:30 Quizz-Off
  10 Fashion Brigade
  11 The Falldown Town
THU 10/2
8 Chris Sherman
Chris Sherman, singer/ guitarist/ composer of Brooklyn psych rock band Sky Picnic, weaves a series of pastoral and pensive acid-folk songs on the more acoustic and melancholy side.
9 Ronan Delisle and Friends
Through well-crafted and thoughtful melody and sensitive interplay among members of the group, Ronan Delisle seeks to immerse listeners in the sounds and stories presented by himself and his fellow musicians. Deeply influenced by the sounds of Bill Frisell and Julian Lage, Delisle draws inspiration from the jazz giants of history as well as folk repertoire from France and the United States, the 19th century art songs of Schumann and Schubert and the soundtracks of Jean -Luc Godard and Francois Truffaud from 1950's French Cinema. These styles are reflected in the original material composed by Ronan to be performed by him and his closest musical colleagues.
10 Space Merchants
The Space Merchants are interstellar travelers whose psychedelic imagination knows no bounds. Like the Universe itself their music is vast and impressive. Think Spacemen 3, Lungfish, The Black Angels, Will Oldham.
  11 Cagematch
Cagematch is visceral, moody and ultimately, unpredictable. Featuring soprano saxophone and electronics by Kate Olson, and rounded out by Gary Prince on electric guitar/effects and Tim Cohen on drums/percussion, this little combo applies a rock poise and an electrified sonic din to avant-jazz structures. --Something Else Reviews
FRI 10/3
7 Pete's Multifarious Array
  9 Billy Woodward
  10 Joshua Black Wilkins
east nashville based singer-songwriter. On tour supporting the new record, Settling The Dust
  11 Nosy Mangabe
Nosy Mangabe's music is strange, captivating, and melodic, with lyrics ranging from vulnerable introspection, to fanciful stories about men who ride tornadoes in the hopes of getting to kiss clouds that resemble their lovers. With dueling ukuleles at the helm, the forces of this progressive-jazz-folk quintet fuse the whimsical, weird, and wonderful, producing an exquisite maelstrom of sound, guaranteed to leave the listener's hair messy.
SAT 10/4 4 Feign Pathos
  5 John Nickles
  6 Barrett Zinn
  8 Dylan Jane
Dylan Jane is a singer-songwriter living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Rooted by acoustic guitar and merging a wide variety of stylistic influences, she is quickly gaining a reputation for her unique brand of soulful, lyrically-driven folk rock.
  9 Snowday
Indie Pop with lots of fun vocal harmonies for fans of The Shins, The Beatles, Beach Boys, Built to Spill & Modest Mouse.
  10 Yes, William
Emily Einhorn has been performing under the moniker Yes William for the past year. Prior to Yes William, she was playing clubs as a solo artist in the East Village in connection to the anti-folk scene. Einhorn's first recording is to be released under Yes William at Pete's Candy Store on Saturday, October 4th at 10pm.
  11 Bowery Boy Blue
"Sometimes you hear music that is so heartbreakingly beautiful that you can't help being drawn to it. That is definitely the case with NYC's Bowery Boy Blue. Their debut CD, Stalk That Myth, plays like a lo-fi Americana orchestra. Touching vocals delivered in a way that you can't get out of your head, layered instrumentation... it's all there. Take a listen to "Come Closer, Sisters" and hear for yourself." --IA: Instrumental Analysis
SUN 10/5
4 Barstool Tabernacle w/ Reverend Vince
  5 Open Mic

Matty Charles & Katie Rose
Matty Charles and Katie Rose perform Charles' original music with a rich harmonic saturation that is truly mesmerizing. Their style has been compared to Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris. If you're craving the heart that modern folk & country devoured, this duo is going to satisfy deeply.

  10 Pete Galub
Pete Galub is one of New York’s most remarkable rock guitarists, “a slightly reckless monster on the strings who…aspires to the madness of a Robert Quine or Richard Lloyd” (Rick Moody, The Rumpus). As a songwriter, the Village Voice calls him “the lyric prince of dry-wit.” His second album, Candy Tears, a WFMU favorite, works from a range of post-punk and power-pop models—think the Soft Boys, the dB’s, and even the Replacements—while never seeming too indebted to a single influence. He’s also a valued sideman for Amy Allison, Greta Gertler/The Universal Thump, and Lee Feldman; new music will appear in Hal Hartley’s upcoming film Meanwhile.
  10:45 Franklin Bruno
Franklin Bruno’s songs combine a Tin Pan Alley songsmith’s sense of craft and detail, touches of jazz harmony, and the personal and political passion of the Go-Betweens, the Verlaines, and the Mekons. He has been making music independently since the early ‘90s, with Southern California trio Nothing Painted Blue, as a solo artist, and (since moving to New York in 2008) as the Human Hearts. Popmatters called 2012’s Another “his latest excellent, confident exploration of the most fruitful outposts of pop and rock music.” Recent collaborations include albums with the Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle (as the Extra Lens) and singer-activist Jenny Toomey, as well as the title song of Laura Cantrell’s You Can’t Get There From Here.
  11:30 Allen Callaci
Allen Callaci is the longtime frontman and lyricist of the legendary Refrigerator, one of the flagship bands of the cassette/lo-fi underground centered around California’s Shrimper Tapes/Records. A favored touring partner of Yo La Tengo and Simon Joyner, Refrigerator’s songs are simultaneously anthemic and incredibly sad: if Bruce Springsteen and Morrissey had collaborated on a new volume of Harry Smith’s Anthology, it might sound Dangerous, their recent acoustic CD, or Glacial, Allen’s new duo album with fellow Shrimper artist Allen Lipman. This is his first show in New York since a life-threatening illness—and successful heart transplant—in 2012.
MON 10/6
7:30 Spelling Bee
  9:30 Novelette (Cara Salimando)
Novelette is the dream pop project of singer/songwriter Cara Salimando, based in Brooklyn, NY. Salimando is a writer represented by Glassnote Records and Insieme Publishing; when not writing songs for pop artists, Salimando makes her own brand of pop for the imaginative ear.
10:30 Mary and The Westlakes
Mary and The Westlakes is a four piece band from the Brooklyn area. Folk/rock/blues influences and harmonious vocals should make for a magical evening.
TUE 10/7
8 Jo Kroger
9 John Isaac Watters
The folk/country crooner with grainy gravitas in his voice and a camp of incredibly talented musicians surrounding him.. His sincerity is always striking as he tenderly ushers you into the worlds he creates in each song.. The songs swing with the ease of a see-saw between dusty folk tunes and demented carnival stylings. Watters reaches into every corner of alt-country, spooky folk, and indie rock. His storytelling shines. - DELI MAG
10 Dalton Deschain
Welcome to the Traveling Show, where ringleader Dalton Deschain will regale you with tales of love and loss in a world of circus freaks, rats, and nuclear warfare.
  11 The Merrymaker’s Orchestra
Guitarist/singer/songwriter Ryan Shivdasani, drummer Paolo Latanzi, and bassist Michael Feinburg (unite!) pay homage to their favorite 60s/70s supergroups without losing sight of modern songwriting and their improv based jazz and blues backgrounds. As a result, "The Merrymaker's Orchestrina" is a melodic, funky, and eclectic band.
WED 10/8
7:30 Quizz-Off
  10 Adeline Hotel
Adeline Hotel is a folk/rock band from Brooklyn, NY. Their debut album Leave The Lights is out now via Future Oak Records."
  11 Telenova
Telenovela consist of Ian Wayne, Paulina Mandeville, and Charlie Kaplan. They met in college and now live in Brooklyn. They like listening to the Band, Elvis Costello, Gene Clark, Arthur Russell, Television, Wire, Prince, the Replacements, Pavement, The Strokes, Bob Dylan, and the Clash. This is their bio.
THU 10/9
7:30 Pete's Reading Series
9 AK
AK (Alexandra Kalinowski) is a former opera singer turned songwriter based in Brooklyn, NY. As the leader of a five-piece band under the same moniker, AK performs echamber-pop that combines her distinctive voice and songwriting with a composerly foundation of lush vocal arrangements, electronic sounds and diverse instrumentation.
10 The Met
  11 Weisshund
FRI 10/10
8 Accidental Seabirds w/Liana
Indie Psych Folk from NJ, touring the U.S. as a duo, using foot drums, guitar, banjo, kalimba, vox.
  9 Stephen Bartholomei
Stephen Bartolomei began as a pensive songwriter over a decade ago, performing under the name Mal Madrigal. With the release of his fourth record,All The Ghosts, Bartolomei has dropped the previous moniker, playing under his own name with comrades as an accurate label for the group of long time friends and musical collaborators who join him. Recorded by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio, All The Ghosts is the most genuine representation of the musical talent of the band to date. Bartolomei's songwriting escapes easy categorization, nimbly shifting from lush melodic folk to electrified minor key moodiness. In its spare moments the music is intimate, in its crescendos, powerful. Bartolomei’s voice is compelling yet humble, in service to communicating the song. Stephen has shared the stage with notable artists including Calexico, Centro-Matic, Bright Eyes, Nina Nastasia, Destroyer, Simon Joyner, Richard Buckner, and many others.
  10 Lizzie and The Sinners
  11 Hunter and Wolfe
hunter & wolfe are a brooklyn-based folk-rock duo who employ a wide array of instruments and textures to produce a "refreshingly unfiltered sound (emptylighthouse.com)" and an "Elliott Smith/Jeff Buckley naturalism (obscuresound.com)." Their newly released album, Days and Works, can be found on on spotify, itunes, or hunterandwolfe.bandcamp.com
SAT 10/11 4 Leonard Lemar
  5 Filibustering Mortality
  6 The Mayberries
8 Nate Marshall (of Nate & Kate)
Nate Marshall is an Ithaca, NY based singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and member of the folk duo Nate & Kate. As a solo performer, Nate carries on the folk music tradition of song and storytelling with a modern twist of humor and musicianship steeped in a number of genres including swing, blues, Americana and jazz.
9 Lady Moon and The Eclipse
Lady Moon & The Eclipse is an Afro soul band based in Brooklyn NY. Ngonda Badila as Lady Moon- Lead Singer and Songwriter. Arlen Hart on Keyboard. Jonathan Camuzo on Bass. Ken Riechl on The Drums. Aatifa Drayton, Ntangou Badila, and Nkoula Badila on Back up Vocals.
  10 Sorcha Richardson
Sorcha Richardson is an Irish singer/songwriter currently living in Brooklyn. She makes hushed, atmospheric and lyrical folk music that has been compared to that of artists such as Agnes Obel, Bon Iver and Daughter.
  11 Golden Alphabet
Based around the songwriting of Tommy Cormier, Golden Alphabet has reformed in Brooklyn after uprooting from its original home in Tucson, Arizona. They deliver an aesthetic of lyrically-driven, melancholy indie folk with colors of ethereal, psychedelic, and baroque pop arrangements.
SUN 10/12
4 Barstool Tabernacle w/ Reverend Vince
  5 Open Mic
  9 Glycerine Queens
All Girl Psychedelic Surf Band from the Jersey Shore.
  10 Adam Davison
Adam performs his folk/country-inflected songs solo, drawing from records he made on his own and with the band called Company.
  11 Andrew Deutsch
One of Home's songwriters, Andrew's playing his songs from the early 90s to today.
MON 10/13
8 Neha
9 Kim Mayo
10 San Pond
11 Next Great American Novelist
The Next Great American Novelist is the project of Sean Cahill, a currently New York-based singer-songwriter. NGAN reinvents the classic singer-songwriter format to weave an age-old sensibility into musical tales for present times. The catchy melodies and ambitious songwriting approach. With a range of indie rock influence spanning from The Beatles to Nirvana, NGAN has a focus on vocal clarity with a sweet memorable chorus that sticks with you.
TUE 10/14
8 Ginger Ale and Cheri Coke
  9 John Isaac Watters
The folk/country crooner with grainy gravitas in his voice and a camp of incredibly talented musicians surrounding him.. His sincerity is always striking as he tenderly ushers you into the worlds he creates in each song.. The songs swing with the ease of a see-saw between dusty folk tunes and demented carnival stylings. Watters reaches into every corner of alt-country, spooky folk, and indie rock. His storytelling shines. - DELI MAG
  10 The Real Things
You know that feeling you get when Life shares a secret? That's a Real Thing.
  11 Glass Cannons
WED 10/15 7:30 Quizz-Off
  10 Joni Fatora
Home is an idea that Indie-Folk songwriter, Joni Fatora, seems to stumble over again and again. After spending her childhood living in Europe, Asia, and all across the United States, it’s hard to pin down exactly where she calls home. Maybe that’s why it’s so difficult to place her sound. There is something comfortably unfamiliar with her music. Drawing inspiration from classic American songwriters, along with her love of alternative music, she seems to create a sound that is truly all her own.
  11 Matt Van Winkle
A veteran songwriter of 2 coasts, Van Winkle returns to Pete's stage with his guitar and two close friends for a night you'll remember a while. Excellent songs, rich voice. NYers Kevin Sport (percussion) and bandleader Seth Fruiterman provide support.
THU 10/16 8 Nick MacDonald
Brooklyn based musician and songwriter playing personal folk songs.
  9 Tiffany Wilson
Tiffany is from the Hills of Northern Los Angeles and fuses her roots based in blues and pop for a truly intimate and fun combination of original compositions.
  10 Elephant Ear
  11 Keith Abbott
A Brooklyn based poet and songwriter, Keith has played the local scene and greater US over the last five years. Often compared to voices of the past, his lyric driven style brings to the table a unique blend of influence and sound that leaves many audiences entranced and inspired.
FRI 10/17 7 Cards Against Humanity story telling and game night. Audience participation.
  9-12 Tiny Montgomery pre CMJ Showcase
  9 Levon Henry
Levon Henry is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles who currently lives in New York City. Fuse box breaks in the wooden rain till it’s dry enough to powder; downloads-per-second must be in the millions.
  9:45 Tom Csatari
Born in Dallas, Texas, raised from age 10-18 in New Hampshire, and now based in New York, American guitarist/composer Tom Csatari (pronounced chuh-tar-ee) presents a set of instrumental songscapes which fit somewhere between a sound installation and an experimental soul band.
  10:30 Golden Age
  11:15 Julian Cubillos
Freak pop from Los Angeles-born songwriter and guitarist-turned-NYC commuter.
SAT 10/18 4-7 Afternoon Delight Brooklyn Jazz Festival
  4 PLS Trio
  5 Ada Pasternak
  6 Chiara Izzi presents "Motifs"
The award winning Italian vocalist Chiara Izzi will present her latest album “Motifs” recently released by the New York based label Dot Time Records. It's a work that goes through some different music styles (traditional jazz, original songs, pop and mediterranean sound), sung in different languages (English, Italian and Portuguese) and with a very distinctive and intriguing jazz approach.
  8 Fragile Gang
Fragile Gang comes out of the same El Paso, Texas milieu as bands like Foss, the Swedes, and the Fall on Deaf Ears as well as notable contemporary musicians such as Clint Newsom of the band Hairy Sands and Kiki Solis of Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds. The band is based in Los Angeles and "make[s] music so filled with innocence, beauty, and fragility that it immediately carries you off away from anything holding you down in your day to day life to another place entirely." — Jim Ward (Sparta/Sleepercar)
  9 Hairy Sands
The music of Hairy Sands arrives at once from the past and the future. You can hear influences as vast as England's Canterbury scene, Tropicalia, Krautrock, and Texas psychedelia, as well as trace amounts of more experimental sources of inspiration. But the future is found by burrowing into the intricate guitar, layered harmonies, polyrhythmic bass and piano, and keenly within the act of practicing extreme restraint at one moment while revealing complexity and grandeur at the next. They decorate song with impressionistic lyrics revolving around nature, fiction and dreams.
  10 Rue Snider and No Strand
Rue Snider and No Strand bring their satchel full of whiskey soaked love songs and heartbreak stories to Pete's for the first night of their 5 week Fall Tour. Americana, indie folk punk with a twist of lemon.
  11 Thee Shambels
Modern Americana with dark shades of European folk, Brooklyn based ‘Thee Shambels’ tell stories full of heartbreak and longing, runaway junkies and cannibalism on the trail. Singing with an eye on the hangman and a hand on the bottle, Englishman – but no gentleman – Neville Elder, croons, wails, and waltzes with the enthusiasm of the demented sideshow hawker."
SUN 10/19
4 Barstool Tabernacle w/ Reverend Vince
  5 Open Mic
  9 Nicky Egan
  10 Merit Badge
Merit Badge. A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist. Joshua Davis Dillard: a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of songwriters who operate above the law.
  11 TBA
MON 10/20
7 Sima Cunningham
"Marrying jazz swings, rugged folk melodies, and rocking guitar lines", Sima Cunningham's music is dynamic, honest, and playful. The Chicago-based musician recently released her new album, the wolf that eats the sheep, and is on tour with a bad-ass tribe of players including Dorian Gehring (Exit Ghost), Lane Beckstrom (Marrow), and Liam Cunningham (Marrow, Tweedy).
  8 The Library
  9 Julie Shore
Julie Shore makes music that combines haunting melodies, ethereal harmonies, and grungy electric guitar lines. She recently released her first EP, "Serpent," which she wrote and produced in her bedroom."
  10 Bonsai
Bonsai is a trio based in Brooklyn made up of singer-songwriter Simone Stevens, Guitarist Greg McMullen, and Bryan Bisordi on drums.Stop in for a a little ambient rock peppered with some lush pop. "Delicate and consciously well crafted music. Bonsai's brand of acoustic guitar driven dream-pop organically grows into something grand."-SPIN.com
  11 Yawner
Yawner released the new album Mids in July. A constant ebb and flow of softness and assertive melodies, it is available on vinyl and digital.
TUE 10/21
5-8:30 Riot Act 2014 CMJ Pete's Candy Store Happy Hour Party
  5:10 Conveyor (NYC, NY/Gold Robot)
  5:50 Benjamin Verdoes (Seattle, WA/Brick Lane Records)
Benjamin Verdoes (formerly of Mt. Saint Helens Vietnam Band, and half of Iska Dhaaf) released his first solo album early this year and sings like an angel.
  6:30 Meleana Cadiz (Brooklyn, NY/Wild Kindness)
The Michigan-bred, Brooklyn-based artist has been bringing small portraits plucked from the American landscape using the language of folk, pop, and country to bring them to beautiful, breathing life.
  7:10 Hundreds (Hamburg, Germany/Sky Council)
Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, sibling duo Eva and Phillip Milner have achieved new heights by adding extensive melodies and pop textures to their minimalist electronic approach.
  7:50 Monomyth (Halifax, Nova Scotia/Mint Records)
The Halifax four-piece carries on the hallowed East Coast tradition of janglophile pop with a smirking sense of humour, stadium-sized hooks, and starry-eyed harmonies from the barbershop of broken dreams.
  9 Sorcha Richardson
Sorcha Richardson is an Irish singer/songwriter currently living in Brooklyn. She makes hushed, atmospheric and lyrical folk music that has been compared to that of artists such as Agnes Obel, Bon Iver and Daughter.
  10 Beautiful Ground
Beautiful Ground is James Morganti, Ethan Ames, Harrison Nantz, and Ed Bonessi. Their songs incorporate rock n' roll, punk, folk, country, and experimental influences into the singer-songwriter genre, challenging its dependency on emotive lyrics and persona with shifting voices, complex instrumentation, and a commitment to overarching concepts. The four-track 'New Year's Demo' is available for streaming and download at beautifulground.bandcamp.com.
  11 iNCH
WED 10/22
  7:30 Quizz-Off
10 The Hunting Party
11 Luke Sweeney
Due for release in 2014 is a whole new sound from the troubadour’s ever-spinning reels: ‘Adventure:Us’, a matchbox collection of electric psych-soul gems cut over two sessions in the autumns of 2011 and 2012 in Brooklyn with producer Robin MacMillan (Persephone’s Bees, Shalants). Now with a cast of accomplished players, Sweeney’s band whips up the vast spectrum of his songs into a magnetic force, drawing ears who hear something familiar yet mysteriously new, as if plucked from an Earth-like planet just barely detectable on our Doppler. It’s a sound that’s hard to come by, thrilling to chase, and comforting to know.
THU 10/23
7:30 Pete's Reading Series
9-12 Tinderbox Showcase
9 The Looking
Todd Carter (aka The Looking) is a NYC-based singer-songwriter and producer. Both his music and voice blend pop, classical and folk rock influences. His diverse taste in music is evident both in his personal body of work and in the artists represented on his label, Astraea Records.
9:30 Janna Pelle
Janna Pelle is a classically trained pianist-turned DIY Pop performer combining elements of rock, soul, and dance into her theatrical live performances. She is the love child of Tori Amos and Lady Gaga with the alter-ego of David Byrne.
10 Alyson Greenfield
10:30 Fiona Silver
A native New Yorker... Fiona’s haunting songs and passionate delivery will transport you to a place as unpredictable and exciting as the Big Apple itself. Performing on both ukulele and electric guitar, Fiona sites her genres as Ukulele Blues and Electric Soul.
11 Sylvana Joyce & The Moment
"Expect all the humor, adventure, and inexplicable chills of the world's best rollercoaster ride." -Huffington Post
11:30 Shayna Leigh
Pop singer-songwriter originally from Orlando, FL now based in NYC. Her debut EP Hey Shayna Leigh was just released!
FRI 10/24
4-8 Aussie Showcase
  4 Demi Louise
21 year old unsigned singer songwriter from Melbourne Australia, her debut single 'Ruins' reached No 7 in the ITunes Singer Songwriter Chart.
  4:45 Tom West
  5:30 Caitlin Harnett
  6:15 Oxford and Co.
Arriving from Sydney AU, Oxford & Co. present a gentlemanly collection of indie-folk songs that tip the hat to the great songwriters of old. Telling tales of love and of life, of good and of evil, Oxford & Co. are troubadours of the modern adventure.
  8 Setting Sun
"Dramatic and poignant! Unobtrusively, the band mixes synth experimentalism in with its folky, string-band sound to great effect." - NPR
Driven by simple acoustic guitar lines, graceful string orchestrations, and Levitt's hushed, earnest vocals, Setting Sun's songwriting, arrangements and lyrics were called "dramatic and poignant" by NPR. Pop Matters wrote that “Setting Sun create an Arcade Fire urgency, creating sweeping orchestrations, driving rhythms. delicate, hushed vocals and well-crafted pop songs". The sound is usually centered around the song, with poppy hooks and choruses, while mixing synth experimentalism in with its folky, string-band feel.
  9 Immigrant Union (Featuring Brent DeBoer of the Dandy Warhols)
Immigrant Union ŒANYWAY¹ album tour North America Sept Oct Nov 2014. Hailing from Melbourne Australia and Portland OR, Immigrant Union have been embraced by rock radio and the Nashville Americana Festival alike.
  10 Big Harp
Baroque 60s pop duets with junky electronics and thrashy fuzzed-out guitars.
  11 Little Radar
Little Radar carves their sound from a smart blend of modern indie rock and pop best described by KUTX DJ Laurie Gallardo as “massive, hook and riff-heavy indie rock with bits of folk and roots.” Think Built To Spill guitars, Modest Mouse insight, early Kings of Leon energy and sky-high vocals like Band of Horses.
SAT 10/25
  3-7 Greenroom Showcase
  3 Party Boat (Saratoga Springs, NY)
Alternative Beach Punk
  3:50 Alannah McCreedy (Atlanta, GA)
Small town country with a big dose of pop.
  4:40 Brett Harris
The lead singer of the Big Star sanctioned tribute band, Big Star Third and current lead guitarist of the dB's.
5:30 Patrick McGrath (NY, NY)
McGrath is a NYC based singer-songwriter whose is rooted in the melodic storytelling of the darker side of life.
6:25 Loose Buttons (NY, NY)
Kickin' it hard in NYC where they've been attracting more and more fans the past year with their infectious power pop.
  8 Gabe Kubanda
VH1 Reality Show cast member, charms audiences nationwide with his intimate and humorous indie pop. He's been compared to Ed Sheeran, City and Colour, and Jason Mraz:
  9 Golden Alphabet
Based around the songwriting of Tommy Cormier, Golden Alphabet has reformed in Brooklyn after uprooting from its original home in Tucson, Arizona. They deliver an aesthetic of lyrically-driven, melancholy indie folk with colors of ethereal, psychedelic, and baroque pop arrangements.
  10 Belle Mare
Belle Mare is a twist of old-time chanteuse, adorned with spacious textures
11 Fictionist
Fictionist is a five-piece band that combines their heralded art-rock sensibilities with Cat Stevens songwriting, Phoenix-style glitchy analog electronics, and CHVRCHES electro-pop architecture. Their fourth album, which the band describes as a self-titled romp through their most formative influences, drops October 7 followed by a national tour with Neon Trees.
SUN 10/26
4 Barstool Tabernacle w/ Reverend Vince
5 Open Mic
M.N.O.P. (May No One Perish) is a three-part folk-punk band based in Brooklyn, NY. They are kicking off their fall tour at Pete's as a promotion for their new album, "Exits Your Mouth" due in late 2014.
  10 Tumbleweed Company
A new sound is nothing without an old soul. With this in mind, Tumbleweed Company strives to craft each song with care and exploration. The 6-piece group brings listeners a sound that combines the comfort of the South with the adventure of the West, all while blending the member's diverse roots. Mixing Folk, Americana, Rock & Roll and Soul, Tumbleweed Company takes a their own view of American Roots music . Vocal harmonies ring over an orchestra of unique instruments, allowing a range of emotion that lends itself to storytelling.
  11 Anna Su
Los Angeles-based musician Anna Su mixes gypsy-jazz with indie-folk to create playful melodies with heartfelt lyrics, bringing audiences together to celebrate the simple joys of music.
MON 10/27
8 Alizon
Alizon is a young folk singer and songwriter from Bordeaux, France, inspired by traditional and folk universe. The softness of the melodies and the minimalist harmonies of her songs can make us think of Leonard Cohen, Alela Diane and Cat Power. A personal and sincere universe mixing power of traditional folk music with a modern and subtly French touch.
  9 Gann Matthews
Singer-songwriter Gann Matthews fronts the folk-rock, space-Americana band Black Forest. Originally from Denver, where he studied vocal performance at the University of Colorado, he has called Brooklyn home since 2006. Still a son of the Western landscape, he often explores themes of nature, mysticism, and communication in our modern world. He has released several albums including Seven Suns and the upcoming Interdimensional Canyon Band. Recommended for fans of Neil Young, M.Ward, Fleet Foxes.
10 Free Advice
Ben, Bailey, and Travis make up the unholy trinity, Free Advice: an acoustic band from Bushwick composed of super-friends, people that spend way too much time together. They made a record, but it sold out. They tried to tour, but they got lost. They guarantee (even if you are socially awkward) their original songs "will make you'll feel like you never left home.
11 Treehaus Music
Lush vocals, huge synths and crisp beats come together in the soulful electronic sounds of Treehaus, described by the Wild Magazine as "equal parts fist pump-party and seductive piano dance." Started in 2013 as the electronic solo project of Brooklyn-based pianist/singer/producer Josh Jacobson, Treehaus performs with a full band, combining the energy and emotional immediacy of live instrumentation with the impact of electronics to provide a captivating experience for your ears.
TUE 10/28
8 Whitney Lockert
Whitney Lockert's witty songs and nimble guitar playing have endeared him to audiences on both coasts. A truly diverse songwriter, his thoughtful lyrics touch on subjects from politics to relationships, from the idiosyncrasies of the modern Internet age to the seasons of the year, with a rare balance of seriousness and silliness. He is currently working on a full-length album to be released soon; you can hear its first song at www.whitneylockert.com.
  9 Chris Hoffman
Company Of Selves is an escape rock band led by christopher hoffman. he is joined by several other righteous brooklynites including the bewitching Christina Courtin. This autumnal tumble into the spirit world will be the perfect preface to your All Hallow's Eve.
10 Carrie Ashley Hill
  11 Spider
WED 10/29 7:30 Quizz-Off
10 Mira Cook
Mira Cook is a singer and multi instrumentalists who loops her voice with keyboards and drum machines to build original and hypnotic songs.
11 Isabel Martin
Cookie monster rock
THU 10/30 7 Lauren Marcus and Raphael Shapiro
Lauren Marcus is a singer-songwriter living in NYC. She likes to call her music indie-folk-pop-rock-with-a-touch-of-the-country, but doesn't mind if you call it whatever you want. She’s performed her music at various venues throughout the city, including Rockwood Music Hall, 54 Below, Arlene's Grocery, Path Cafe, Caffe Vivaldi and a lot more with musicians she likes to sing to and drink with. Her lyrics have been printed in American Songwriter Magazine, her music was featured in the web series “Yoga Partners”, and she just completed the 2014 Johnny Mercer Foundation Songwriters Project in Chicago.
  8 Michael Blume
  9 Stompcat
It’s like a rock concert, a musical and Church crashed into each other. Mark and Will have a band. They’ve been hired to play your high school reunion. Everyone in the audience puts on nametags, enters the raffle, and watches as a concert slowly implodes.
11 The Masked Grandmas
Adam Minkoff/Mark Marshall/Bob Stander/Robin MacMillan
FRI 10/31 7 Pete's Multifarious Array
  Pete’s Halloween Bonanza
Bands. DJ’s. Potions!
Doors at 8.
9 Kid Midnight
10-3 DJ Pablo 77
10 Dan and The Wildfire
Folk-rock out of Boston, MA.