COVID-19 INFO & Guidelines

Proof of Vaccination Not Required. Any unvaccinated customers are asked to wear a mask when not seated.

This important news means that we’ve hit a critical threshold in which the state’s COVID-19 New York Forward guidelines for eating and drinking establishments is now lifted, effective immediately, including cleaning and disinfection requirements, temperature and health screenings, collection of contact information for tracing, posting of related signage, etc. This also means that social distancing, table spacing and barriers are no longer required.

Restaurants, bars, and clubs may still implement these protocols if they want, but it is now optional.

Businesses may ask for proof of vaccination from patrons through paper form, digital application, or the State's Excelsior Pass Excelsior Pass. Alternatively, businesses may rely upon self-reporting of vaccination status (e.g., honor system), or post a sign at the front of the business asking unvaccinated individuals to inform the business of their status, in which case unvaccinated people should wear a mask if standing and not consuming food and beverage. But, businesses are not required to request proof of vaccination. We anticipate the State will release official details in the near future at which time we will be sure to share them with you.