We listen to all submissions and contact those acts which we are planning on booking. This follow up may take anywhere from a week to a month. We do not confirm submissions, or follow up with acts that we are not planning on booking. Please do not contact us to see if we received your submission, as the volume is quite high.

If you submit a full band recording, we expect to book a full band, not a solo act. Please note we do not book solo acts on weekends.


Pete's is a 21+ venue - all band members must be over the age of 21. Pete's is strict about checking ID's at the door.


Most performances at Pete’s are unticketed and have No Cover. Our room runs on a suggested donation basis. That suggestion is $10. Our talented performers put a lot into their shows. When that bucket comes your way, please drop enough in there to represent all that you are receiving. Thank You.


Ampeg BA115 combo bass amp. 2 Fender Blues Junior combo guitar amps Floor tom, rack tom, kick drum, snare drum, 1 hi-hat stand, 2 snare stands, 1 cymbal stand, 1 drum throne and 1 kick pedal. Drummers will need to bring cymbals, sticks, a drum key. and a second cymbal stand if they need it. Drummers will also need to bring their own hi-hat clutch. Mackie ProFX16 mixer, with 8 microphone inputs and 12 1/4" inputs. Behringer B212 monitor 3 Shure SM 58s and 2 Shure SM57s 2 DI boxes.


Pete's partners with local platinum record recording engineer Irving Gadoury to offer multi-track audio recordings of live performances. Irving records performances using a mobile, 28-input recording rig with balanced microphone splitters and not a feed from the board. Artists receive the unprocessed, unedited, multi-track audio as well as rough mixes of each song. For examples of previous recordings and a list of frequently asked questions, visit If you'd like to schedule your performance to be recorded, email Irving at . The recording fee is $175 for solo/duo artists, or $225 for larger groups (8+ inputs). Discounted rates are available if more than one act would like to be recorded in one evening. Video packages are also available upon request.


Music Booking Submission Form